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Is the Katie Couric Post “A Cure For Cancer and Healthy Chocolate” the Real Deal?

Is the Katie Couric Post “A Cure For Cancer and Healthy Chocolate” the Real Deal?



As I watched the clip of Katie Couric on her Katie show last night, I noticed the headline “A Cure for Cancer and Healthy Chocolate”.  It peaked my interest.  Apparently a company in the UK came out with a dark chocolate without sugar.  Dr. Mark Hyman discussed this new chocolate and ultimately he did not go for the UK variety.  Perhaps he knows about the “Healthy Chocolate” that owns the rights to the words healthy chocolate from the US Patent Office.  This chocolate company also cold processes the chocolate instead of heating or dutching it like traditional chocolate.  This keeps in the antioxidants found in the raw cacao plant which is what makes their XO chocolate so darm healthy.

So when you are checking out the Katie clip on “A Cure for Cancer and Healthy Chocolate”, be sure to check out the healthy chocolate made in the United States that has already figured out how to keep the dark chocolate tasting amazing and good for your health.  I feel my family cold pressed chocolate daily.  I think of it as the real deal.prod023

I am Lynette Henk.  I can be reached at (877) 208-8172, or at

Information obtained,Katie’s Doctor Visit,

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