Wellness Director for Philip Stein Watch shares Natural Ways to Improve Health and Prevent Cancer

ChocopiecesI just watched a clip from NBC Today in New York (NY) featuring Dr. Jeff Gardere.  Dr. Gardere is the wellness director for Philip Stein Watches.  Philip Stein is known for making a watch with natural frequency technology that has been worn by the likes of Oprah and other famous individuals.  I had heard about the health benefits of Philip Stein watches and this caught my attention. While watching this clip, I also noticed he mentioned that Dark Chocolate has some serious health benefits as well.  Dr. Gardere mentions that Dark Chocolate is an antioxidant and states “Dark Chocolate fights cancer“.

I was excited to hear that as I have been eating XO cold pressed chocolate regularly for over 3 years now.  The XO chocolate I eat is raw chocolate, cold pressed and not heated like traditional chocolate making it the highest antioxidant chocolate on the planet.  I have posted the youtube clip below.

Thank you Dr. Gardere for sharing about the importance of antioxidants.  I get my antioxidants in chocolate.  How do you get yours?photo 1

I am Lynette Henk, XO Healthy Chocolate eater and distributor.  I can be reached directly at (877) 208-8172, lynette@liveforchocolate.com and at ColdPressedChocolate.com.

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