The word is out in Gladden Missouri!  Healthy Chocolate has made it to the mainstream.  People have learned about Beyond Healthy Chocolate and they are excited!  Now we have an option of a Healthy Chocolate that tastes amazing and has a high amount of cocoa flavanols and antioxidants that studies show are so good for your health.

I mean really.  We get to eat chocolate and it is good for us!  I jumped on that bandwagon right away and so should you!

We have been delighting in the preference and health and wellness benefits of Beyond Healthy and balanced Chocolates for nearly 7 years now. In that time our favored Beyond Healthy and balanced Chocolates have been the Xo Love Bites, The Xobiotic Squares with Probiotic and also the Beyond Power Squares. I enjoy Power Squares since they are simply 33 calories each, have an impressive quantity of antioxidants and cacao flavanols in each independently covered item as well as they taste incredible, much like Dark Delicious chocolate from Belgium need to be.  I always enjoy the probiotic chocolates since they are so great for you as well as they are excellent for people with belly issues.  The Xo Love bites have a fantastic preference as well as I appreciate the advantages of Maca and also L-Arginine in the Love Bites.

 I truly was not a follower of the Omega Squares. Ok, I put it around. Why was I not a follower? Well, I liked the others much better. They had an orange taste

They have a structure with flaxseeds I did not realize just how advantageous they are.  So exactly what changed? Well this is the scoop.  Normally when driving, my hubby as well as I want to drink the Beyond Xe Healthy Energy drinks. They taste fantastic and also maintain our focus and keep us energized. One day while traveling,my husband claimed it was my turn to take control of the wheel and drive for awhile.  I was incredibly tired. I imply how weary I was but my husband could no longer drive.  Since I was out of the Xe energy drink I had no idea what to do.

Then I found one of the Beyond Omega squares in a cooler in our back seat and ate it right away.  What happened after that shocked me to no end.  Within five minutes, my energy and focus was restored.  It was like laser focus and I was shocked that I did not realize how good this worked after eating these chocolates for so many years!l

I recognize they benefit you. Omega 3’s benefit you. Helpful for cognition. Helpful for Brain Health. Great for Eye Wellness. There are many research studies on the cognitive advantages. All I did was have the Beyond Omega Healthy and balanced Chocolate.Okay, so this is pretty cool.

Now every single time I get tired in the afternoon, whenever I feel I have to go take a nap, I just grab myself an Omega Square and wow my focus returns! I just automatically have a Beyond Omega Belgian Chocolate Square. Now I know!!!

And, it continues to assist my husband and me. I  Simply assumed I would share this pointer with everyone if you get tired while driving as well! So if you need a lift, if you should boost cognition and also memory, if you wish to improve eye wellness, then Omega Squares are an excellent resource.   200 mg of Omega.

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Don’t hesitate to call us for details at 941-216-5727 or browse through MYCHOCOLATEVITAMINS.COM!.?.!! You already enjoy delicious chocolate, all of us do. All you have to do is CHANGE YOUR DELICIOUS CHOCOLATE!  You can do this!