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Jeanette Brooks Healthy Chocolate Company Owner Shares Her Story Of Diet Success, Insulin Sensitivity Improvement and Diabetes

Here is a message from Jeanette Brooks, Owner and Founder of The Healthy Chocolate Company, Xocai chocolate.  

jeanetteafter Jeanette Before The High-Antioxidant Protein Advantage

Jeanette Brooks is the owner of Xocai, The Healthy Chocolate Company and she is a product of the product.  At the top left is Jeanette after her 125 weight loss and teh picture below is her before.  According to Jeanette, she consumes the Xocai High Antioxidant Protein Meal Shake once or even twice a day. “Since adding this to my everyday diet, I have been able to lose 125 pounds and maintain my weight loss!”

The Xocai Healthy Chocolate Company Dark Chocolate Protein Shake has 21 grams of protein and a total ORAC6 score of over 104,000 and 1,700 flavonoids per serving. This is the first and only high-antioxidant shake geared to enhance weight loss efforts, supports weight loss by suppressing appetite, reduces cravings, boosts metabolism, supports mood and provides a powerful source of antioxidants.

Recent research has revealed that eating an antioxidant-rich diet can help trigger weight loss, such as the recent study done in the American Journal of Bariatric Medicine where 50 participants consumed our Xocai Protein Shake. The results were amazing and I want you to experience this life altering product to help you not only look and feel better, but to live longer!


Why should you drink Xocai’s Protein Shake? Not only does our Protein Shake taste great, but it contains the finest ingredients to help you lose weight and maintain your overall health.

Losing as little as 10 pounds can help you reduce jeanettelynettebrandedyour blood pressure and reduce the strain on your heart? The American Heart Association has shown that“maintaining a healthy weight provides many health benefits. If you are overweight, losing as little as five to ten pounds may help lower your blood pressure.”

Weight loss and blood pressure are just two of the many health benefits when consuming a high-quality dark chocolate. Italian researchers discovered that dark chocolate significantly improves markers of insulin sensitivity. It can also decrease fasting insulin and glucose levels, as well as insulin and glucose responses to the glucose tolerance test”
-Living with Diabetes? Enjoy Dark Chocolate, Dr. Julian Whitacker.

I want you to be successful in your weight loss journey and help boost your overall health. I am living proof that our Xocai products can help you achieve your weight loss goal and maintain a long healthy life! Xocai isn’t just a chocolate, it is a lifestyle change that will continue to make you feel better, look younger and live longer!

Health Tip of the week:

Eating a 50,000 Total ORAC diet every day is easy. You can do it by following the suggestions for our high-antioxidant foods and especially by incorporating the X Protein Meal Shake into your daily diet. It’s super high in antioxidants and is proven to help lose pounds, boost energy and make you feel great.

I am Lynette Henk and I am currently losing weight on the Xocai chocolate diet protein shake.  Join me and let’s lose this weight once and for all just like Jeanette.  I have lost nearly 12 pounds in the last 3 weeks.  We CAN do this!

You can reach Lynette Henk at (877) 208-8172, at my email address or at my website  Ask me about the buy 2, get 1 free wholesale special.  You also receive FREE SHIPPING!  (no coupon or discount code is required)  Get started with the protein shake and nuggets or power squares for cravings.  To replace one meal a day, you will need 2 bags of shake for a month.  To replace two meals a day, you will need 4 bags of shake.   I would be happy to email you yummy healthy chocolate shake recipes including creamy peanut butter banana, my favorite.


Secret Weight Loss Diet Ingredient Success Results For Week 3 Down Nearly 12 Pounds

I just completed my 3rd week of my 12 week weight loss challenge and I am happy to share I am now down 11.8 pounds.  On my Monday morning weigh in, I was able to confirm my weekly weight loss was 4.8 pounds.  I am pretty happy that I have finally found a diet plan that I can live with.  It is hard to believe that I am losing weight eating chocolate but that is exactly what I am doing.  I am replacing two meals a day with the Xocai healthy chocolate protein shake, and enjoying a normal 600 calorie dinner.  I can also have up to two snacks a day and I drink lots of water.  My goal is to exercise by walking 10,000 dietsteps a day but really any exercise of 20 minutes a day will do.  I also have healthy chocolate nuggets for cravings which is fantastic.

How many diets have you been on where you eat CHOCOLATE for cravings?

Now is your time.  Lose the weight and do it the healthy way.  This shake and chocolate are diabetic friendly and gluten free.  Each shake has 56,000 ORACfn which is the amount of antioxidants like what you find in your fruits and vegetables.  It also has 21 grams of protein.

You can do this.  Join me and let’s lose the weight.  Watch the video above to hear more about the secret weight loss ingredient you don’t want to be without.  Order direct at for FREE SHIPPING on your entire order.  No coupon code is needed.

kennedyFeel free to email me at  I can send you the information on our weekly weight loss calls.  These are calls held morning and evening every monday after your weigh in to keep us all focused and on task.  I find it is a great resource.  You will also hear from others regarding their struggles or success with the Xocai Healthy Chocolate Company weight loss diet.

There are even people on this call that were in the original Fab 50 weight loss study that was featured on the cover of the American Journal of Bariatric Medicine-The Bariatrician.  I would be happy to send you a copy of this as well, just message me.  You can do this!  Order your X-protein meal shakes & Chocolate Nuggets today.


Natural Ways To Reduce And Relieve Arthritis Pain In Hand and Arm

If you have difficulty with the pain of arthritis in your hand or arm like I have had, then you know how debilitating and discouraging it can be.  The pain of arthritis can be overwhelming and is not limited to the elderly.  Anyone at any age can experience the pain of arthritis.  Reducing inflammation is key to reducing arthritis.  Ashley Koff, RD Nutrition and Dietetics had this to say about inflammation and antioxidants, “Anything that reduces oxidation reduces inflammation, and anything that reduces inflammation reduces oxidation. That’s partly why antioxidants are so important.”

One great way to increase the antioxidants you

eat is to eat cold pressed dark chocolate.  Xocai healthy chocolate is the only company that makes cold pressed chocolate.  The key is not to heat the cocoa like traditional chocolate by dutching it at high temperatures.  Xocai the Healthy Chocolate Company uses a patented cold press technology to make sure you get all the antioxidants and the flavonoids in their dark chocolate.

Check out the video above with Michael Stern of Fort Myers, Florida as he shares how he was pain free from suffering from arthritis for nine years after eating Xocai Chocolate for six weeks.  Here his story in the video above and see the results he experienced eating just three pieces of Xocai chocolate a day.  The key is to eat it in the morning, middle of the day and evening to make sure you are constantly giving your body antioxidants as they only stay in your system 4-6 hours.

Order your Xocai healthy chocolate here to get free shipping on your entire order.  Any questions, email or visit our site at

Sharecare, Ashley Koff RD

Lady Gaga Kills It At The Oscars With Her Hills Are Alive Sound Of Music Performance And Hug With Julie Andrews

Wow, if you did not watch the 2015 Oscar Award Show this evening, you really missed it.  Even more exciting tonight was the Lady Gaga singing  a stunning trilogy from the Sound Of Music.  It is hard to believe that it has been 50 years since Julie Andrews sang the famous songs and was in the Sound Of Music Musical.

My hope is that you were able to experience the June Vacay 068stunning performance of Lady Gaga.  This truly showcases Lady Gaga’s talent regardless what you feel for her more mainstream music.  She is a stand out and I am thankful I was able to see this wonderful performance.

I am still enjoying the Oscars and I hope you are too.

fmmarketxocaiI am Lynette Henk, Healthy Chocolate company consultant.  After the Oscars order your dark healthy chocolate at  Xocai healthy chocolates are made with a patented cold pressed process that keeps in the antioxidants and flavonoids in the chocolate making it a high antioxidant superfood.  My favorites are the Xo Love chocolate love bites that increase passion and the Xobiotic.  Check them out or call me at (877) 208-8172.  Free shipping when you order at my website!  (No coupon or discount code needed)

Why You Should Avoid Dark Chocolate Made With Any Kind Of Chocolate Liquor


A question I am often asked is what makes Xocai Healthy Chocolate Company chocolate different than other chocolate? That is a very good question and I hope to answer it for you.  When you shop for high cocoa percentage dark chocolate, be sure to look on the wrapper and search for the word “chocolate liquor”.  Even the organic dark chocolate bars that say they are healthy seem to be made with chocolate liquor, liquor, cocoa liquor or cacao liquor.  This liquor is made by heating and dutching the dark chocolate at very high temperatures, melting it down and then turning it into your favorite confections.  Unfortunately by heating cocoa at high temperatures, you do lose much of the antioxidant content which is so vital for our health and by which the majority of the chocolate studies you find are based.

dietThat is why it is important to eat chocolate that is cold pressed, not heated or cooked at high temperatures.  Xocai chocolates use a patented cold press technology which does keep in the antioxidants and flavonoids of the raw cacao.  Even better, every piece of the Xocai brand individually wrapped chocolates and the boxes, have the amount of antioxidants and flavonoids listed so you know exactly what you are getting.bariatricmed

Thankfully Xocai Healthy Chocolate Company chocolates have their products verified by an independent lab to determine the antioxidant and flavonoid values.

Not all chocolate is the same.

Simply saying there are flavonoids and antioxidants in a specific chocolate brand is not enough, you deserve proof.   It is your health at stake after all.  the chocolate and turning it into a liquor.

No wonder people notice a difference when they start eating the Xocai healthy chocolate Company chocolate.  They may noticed improved energy, sleep and less pain.  Eating lots of antioxidants is good for your health.  I get my antioxidants in Xocai healthy dark chocolate.  How do you get yours?

There are no waxes, fillers or processed sugars in Xocai chocolate.  In addition, they are GMO free, gluten free and diabetic friendly,  I also love the Xocai wellness protein shake made with the raw cacao, acai and blueberry.  Each serving has over 56,000 ORACfn and 21 grams of protein.  It even made the cover of the American Journal of Bariatric Medicine, The Bariatrician as a healthy cacao polyphenols based diet.  In the study, the average person lost 31 pounds in just 12 weeks and over 5 inches in the waist!

So as you check out the dark chocolate at your local store, now you know what to look for.

Don’t go dutch.

Don’t go processed.  Don’t go heated.

Order your Xocai brand Healthy Chocolate Co. Chocolates at, email us at or call us at (877) 208-8172.

Information on wholesale pricing and sales career with relationship marketing, contact Lynette Henk directly or visit us at

The statements below have not been evaluated by the FDA. Information herein is NOT intended to be taken as medical advice. No therapeutic or medical claims are either implied or made. DO NOT ALTER ANY MEDICAL TREATMENT, OR THE USE OF MEDICATION, WITHOUT PERMISSION OF YOUR MEDICAL CARE PROVIDER. FDA regulations prohibit the use of therapeutic or medical claims in conjunction with the sale of any product not approved by the FDA.

The Bariatrician, American Journal of Bariatric Medicine  2011 • VOLUME 26, NO. 2


Finally There Are Yummy Gluten Free Options Like Brownies And Dark Chocolate; My Personal Review

glutenfreebStruggling to find great tasting snacks and desserts can be difficult if you are gluten free.  I have tasted more than a few nasty desserts that literally remind me of cardboard.  My 18 year old son is gluten free at this point and it is difficult for him.  He wants to eat what his teenage friends are eating.  I get that.  So I continue to search for yummy desserts that he and I can eat.

One recent dessert was a big hit.  It was the Krusteaz Brownie Mix.  It was easy to make and honestly had a nice chewy texture as well.  For me there was not much difference from any other brownie mix you could buy in your local grocery store.  So this brownie mix is a winner!  From the picture, you can see we could not wait to try them out.  :-)  brownie

I have also found dark gluten free chocolate that is healthy as well.  This is off the charts in the amount of antioxidants and flavonoids in the product which is great if you are not eating 8-10 servings of fruits and vegetables a day.  So far my son and I love the Xocai Nuggets and the Xocai Xobiotic that has a probiotic.  We also do the Xocai meal replacement shake which is gluten free, 21 grams of protein and a complete source of nutrition.  It makes a great breakfast shake.  Mine is made with 1/2 frozen banana, 1 cup ice, 1 cup water and two scoops of the shake mix.  Yum!

Thankful that we are finally finding some yummy spinachgluten free options.  If you have not tried the gluten free brownie mix, Amazon has it on sale here and I highly recommend.  I think the chocolate chip bites make it taste great.  The Xocai gluten free healthy chocolate is available at  This chocolate is not just gluten free, it is diabetic friendly and made with no waxes, fillers, processed sugars or GMO’s.  It uses a cold pressed patented method to keep in the antioxidants and flavonoids in the raw cacao which is the highest antioxidant superfood on the planet.  So feel good about ordering this one found here.

Contact me if you have any questions.  I am Lynette Henk and can be reached at (877) 208-8172 or you can email me at  More information on the healthy chocolate treats is available at

Don’t Give Up On Your Dream or Challenge ; You Can Lose The Weight

I was on a chocolate diet weight loss call this photo (1)evening and I heard this quote by Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe, “Dream no small dreams for they have no power to move the hearts of men.”  This is an excellent motivational quote for success in business as well as success in life or meeting your goals.  I don’t know about you, but my goal is to lose 51 more pounds in the next 6 months.  I know I can do it but it is a struggle.  It is my dream.  It is not a small dream, that is a lot of weight but I know I can do whatever I put my mind to.

I am thankful to have found a science based diet that is healthy for me as well as proven to work.  It was featured in the Bariatrician Journal for Bariatric Doctors in the American Journal of Bariatric Medicine.  Not only was it featured on the cover, the entire study was included.  The average participant in the study lost 31 pounds in 12 weeks and over 5 inches around the waist. So not only do I have my dream of meeting my goal, but it is realistic as well as there is proven evidence that it can be done.

shakebrandedSo what am I doing?

I am replacing two meals a day with the Xocai meal replacement shake.  Right now I am making my shake with frozen banana, water, ice, peanut butter and two scoops of the shake.  I may change it up later in the week and switch to two scoops of the Chocolate Diet shake mix, almond milk and fresh strawberries as they are easy to find right now in Florida.  In fact, people will be attending the Florida Strawberry Festival in Plant City starting February 26th to March 8th.  They also have the Plant City Strawberries at the Punta Gorda Florida Farmers Market so I should not have any problem finding my strawberries!

After my shakes, I also have a 600 calorie meal and up to two healthy snacks plus my healthy chocolate nuggets or power squares for cravings. I love that I don’t have to feel guilty about eating dark chocolate.  One power square is just 33 calories and tastes amazing.   I am drinking 8-10 glasses of water a day and exercising a minimum of 20 minutes a day.  Even a walk is good plus my dog is loving being walked more often.  We are a large family and everyone seems to be taking our dog for a walk.  It is not a hard diet.  I love that every Monday we have a call that keeps you focused.

Join me and let’s lose the weight together.  I would love to help you lose the weight too.  Contact me at (877) 208-8172, visit my site at or email me at  This is honestly the best diet plan I have ever found.  Join me and let’s get this done!


In Case You Need An Excuse To Eat Dark Chocolate on Valentine’s Day……

If you feel you need an excuse to eat chocolate this Valentine’s Day, simply change your chocolate to the healthy version.  Eat the cold pressed chocolate that is not heated and dutched at high temperatures.   Interesting honestly that chocolate, something we have been trained to think is bad for us is actually one of the healthiest antioxidant superfoods on the planet.  I love that!

All chocolate is not created equal.

It is very important to pay attention to how the lynettebrandedchocolate you choose to put in your mouth is processed.  Unfortunately for us, most of the chocolate we believe to be the best is actually some of the worst.  Even high cocoa content of 70% or more is not all it is cracked up to be.  The processing of the chocolate is key.  Most traditional chocolate goes through a dutch process that heats and cooks the chocolate at very high temperatures for up to 2-3 days.  This takes out the bitter in the chocolate and makes the chocolate candy smoother.  Unfortunately those bitter parts and the parts you need to keep you healthy.  The only chocolate you want to put in your mouth is dark chocolate that is cold pressed, not heated at high temperatures.  The Healthy Chocolate Company out of Reno, Nevada makes a healthy chocolate with the brand name of Xocai.  This healthy chocolate is not heated or cooked like candy, instead it uses a patented cold pressed method which keeps in the antioxidants and flavonoids in the raw cacao the chocolate is made from.  Even better, this Xocai chocolate tells you how many antioxidants and flavonoids are in each individually wrapped piece of their  premium healthy chocolate.

I also like that they don’t use waxes, fillers or processed sugars like you find in candy chocolate.  They are GMO free, vegan, diabetic friendly and gluten free.  I even like that they are diet friendly as a Xocai power square is just 33 calories.   The key is to eat dark chocolate that has not been cooked at high temperatures but uses a patented cold pressed method like the Xocai healthy chocolate does.

So if you needed an excuse to eat chocolate, you don’t anymore.

nuggetsJust make sure you eat the cold pressed healthy chocolate.  Order yours today and you get free shipping.  Wholesale customers can even get a (no coupon or discount code required) needed.  Visit

Science Proves The Benefits Of Dark Chocolate Again And Again. You Should Eat Cold Pressed High Antioxidant Chocolate Every Single Day

The best dark chocolate to eat is the cold pressed chocolate, one that is not dutched or cooked at high temperatures.  The Healthy Chocolate Company uses a patented process for their Xocai dark chocolate brand chocolates that keeps in the high antioxidants and flavonoids naturally found in raw cocoa.  They also don’t have waxes, fillers, processed sugars and are diabetic friendly and gluten free.

Check out this video above to find out about the health benefits in dark chocolate.  It is so exciting.  All along we have been told that chocolate is a sweet, a treat we should have sparingly when in reality this is something you should be eating a minimum of  3-4 times a day.  I have been eating Xocai healthy chocolate for the last five years and I have no intention of stopping anytime soon.  I love that I now have perfect blood pressure according to my primary care doctor and that my blood test reflects a normal range for cholesterol which was not always the case.  If you want to go crazy eating chocolate that is fine, but honestly a healthy individual needs just 3 pieces of Xocai chocolate a day of the Xocai power squares, the Xocai Nuggets, the Xocai omega squares or the Xocai Xobiotic with a probiotic.  If you take the Xolove chocolate love bites, you can get away with eating just two pieces a day.  The key is to eat healthy cold pressed chocolate every day.  The benefits are amazing.

Here is a tip for losing weight by eating chocolate;

1)Enjoy a piece of Xocai chocolate 20-30 minutes before a meal with a glass of water to curb cravings.

If you would like to order your Xocai healthy chocolate Company Chocolateslynettebranded direct from me, call me at (877) 208-8172 or visit to get free shipping on your order.  Ask me about wholesale pricing or special offers for regular customers.  (No coupon code or discount required) If you see the value in healthy dark chocolate like I do and want to know more about the business opportunity, we should talk!  Email me at or call (877) 208-8172.



Attention Deficit Disorder, ADD ADHD Children & Adults Benefit From Chocolate Says Dr. Gordon Pedersen Of Healthy Chocolate Discoveries

As a parent of a child with a long term struggle with Attention Deficit Disorder, I watched with great interest this video from Dr. Gordon Pedersen outlining new research that says chocolate can benefit those with ADD and ADHD.  My son was diagnosed with ADD when he was in elementary school.  His inattention so severe that there was choice but to medicate with prescription drugs.  The medication and side effects were severe and he was tried on many meds over the years.  If you have a child who suffers with this or an adult that is still dealing with the ramifications of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, you know how the medications affect the quality of life.

The medications make it difficult to eat as they frigidaire 215curb appetite which is not a good thing for a thin child who needs to grow and stay healthy.  As the medication wears off, there are often difficult mood swings to deal with.  When I saw the video from Dr. Gordon Pedersen about the studies showing the benefits of dark chocolate, it all made sense to me.  I have had my son on the Xocai protein shake for nearly 3 years now.  It helped him so much, even his doctor would comment and adjust his medications.  I was not really sure why it helped him, I just knew that it did and noticed a difference when he did not have his shake.  According to the Journal of Physiology and Behavior,”ADHD inattentive symptoms may be improved by cocoa flavonols and dark chocolate”.   The results show a one time serving of 720 mg cocoa flavonols improved working memory and reaction time.  The amazing thing is that these results were still measurable 1 week later!  This is huge!  I am going to start including the Xocai omega chocolates as well.

If you have a child suffering with ADD or ADHD or you are an adult dealing with this, seriously consider incorporating cold pressed healthy chocolate into your diet.  There are many yummy recipes for the chocolate protein shake that kids will love.  My son loves the one with a frozen banana and Chocopieces-300x1414peanut butter.  Contact me if you would like a copy of the recipes available or information on which products worked for my son.

I am Lynette Henk, Healthy Chocolate consultant in Southwest Florida.  I can be reached at (877) 208-8172, at or visit my website at