Mandy Ingber is a fitness expert to the stars.  One of her favorite clients is Jennifer Aniston.  We know Jennifer Aniston starting from Friends.  She was always looking amazing and now we know why.  I also like that Mandy Ingber shares flexibility in how we diet live and exercise.  She recommends we don't beat ourselves up.  If you have that cupcake, she recommends you just drink some extra water and start the next day fresh.  I like her philosophy.  We don't need to be so hard on ourselves.

June Vacay 015I recently read an article called "Jennifer Aniston's yoga teacher Mandy Ingber shares her secrets to health and happiness" by NY Daily News Relax News.  What caught my attention was that Mandy Ingber mentioned one of her favorite post workout snacks was dark chocolate.  Since I am such a fan of chocolate, I was thrilled to hear this.  I have known for years that dark chocolate is good for you.  I am sure that Mandy knows the difference between healthy chocolate and candy chocolate.  For those that are not familiar, they are not the same.  Healthy chocolate is cold pressed chocolate, chocolate as close to raw as possible.  It is not heated or dutched like candy, there are no waxes, fillers, processed sugars or the things we try to avoid.  Instead healthy chocolate, like my favorite Xocai brand Xobiotic with probiotics is sweetened with acai and blueberry,  I also am a big fan of the Xocai nugget.  I love that the antioxidants are off the charts.  Eating just three pieces of dark chocolate Xocai Healthy Chocolate Co. Xobiotic squares is equal to 222,453 ORAC6 and 3,168mg flavonoids.  This makes the Xocai healthy chocolates a high antioxidant superfood and the perfect choice for a post workout snack or anytime.  I recommend that you eat at least three pieces a day.  A Xocai Healthy Chocolate Co. power square is just 33 calories and chock full of antioxidants.


ICT ORAC6: A Seal of Superior Quality

The astounding ORAC 6 scores for Xocai's various products come from ICT, an independent, third-party analytical laboratory that provides antioxidant testing for some of the world's finest research institutions, corporations, and public organizations.  Xocai is enrolled in the ICT Certified Program, that requires products be tested several times each year.  ICT is an authoratative quality-assurance system that issues certification to products that have met strict criteria for the ORAC6 tests.  The program is designed to help consumers cut through the confusion about antioxidant values.

NOTE:  The Xocai test results are on the final finished product, not the ingredients.  

The Importance of ORAC

Developed by the USDA, the ORAC test is an assessment that measures the antioxidant content of foods.  The ChocopiecesORAC score helps consumers know if the foods they are considering are good sources of antioxidant nutrients.  Xocai's products are some of the highest ORAC foods available today.

Antioxidant Scores - ORAC6 and Flavonoids(per daily serving)

Xoçai Product



Nuggets 131,000 2,800
Omega Squares 11,600 2,200
Peanut Butter Cups 35,570 196
X Power Squares 112,120 2,016
XoBiotic 222,450 3,170
Activ 116,000 5,676
Xe Energy Drink 81,670 382
High-Antioxidant Shake 104,600 1,700
XoLove Bites 163,300 1,580

wealthpack1We are Three Sons Marketing LLC of Punta Gorda, Florida.  We share the health benefits of Xocai Healthy Chocolate Co. chocolates online and locally.  Order your healthy chocolates today at or call us direct at (877) 208-8172.  You can also email us at  Simple changes make a difference.  Change Your Chocolate, Change Your Life.  How Can I order my Xocai Healthy Chocolate Co. Products?  You can order them direct at wholesale pricing at  Order your Xocai healthy chocolate Nuggets, Power Squares, Xobiotic squares, Omega Squares, Xolove bites, Activ, Xocai Xe Energy drink, Xocai chocolate diet protein shake, Xovitality Anti-aging capsules, Xophoria cacao based neurocosmetic skin care cream, Xophoria Vitamin C Serum, Xophoria shampoo and conditioner today.  Ask me how you can get paid to share.


NY Daily News, Jennifer Aniston yoga teacher shares secrets to health and happiness

Terrence Cody most recently of the Baltimore Ravens, has joined forces with the Xocai Healthy Chocolate Xe energy team.  We are excited to have Terrence join the corporate executive sales team as he brings a fresh approach to the business.  We are also thrilled to have a local guy who originally attended high school at Riverdale High School in Fort Myers Florida just down the road from us.
Here he is with Dana Alsop, Double Diamond Executive with The Healthy Chocolate Co.terrencecody drinking my favorite energy drink, Xe healthy energy.  Unlike energy drinks that offer questionable benefits, Xocai Xe Energy is 75% juice, high antioxidant proprietary blend of Superfruits + Cacao.  Just one can of Xe Xocai Energy offers a total ORACfn score of 40,189 (amount of antioxidants) and flavonoids of 729mg per can.  For more information on the Xe Healthy Energy solution to low energy, click here.

The Xocai Xe Energy drink is a great business opportunity in Alabama, Florida and Baltimore.  Get paid to share a healthy alternative.  Yes, this is the same drink that Bill O’Reilly drinks daily and featured as his Tip Of The Day on his Fox News show “The O’Reilly Factor”.  To get started is easy, simply order your Wealth pack which includes 13 of our most popular products including the Xe Energy drink or get started in corporate executive sales as a business builder to ensure you have the product to get started right.  Not only is the compensation plan an exceptional one, you can earn a 7 day Royal Caribbean Cruise on the Allure Of The Seas in January, 2016 as well as cars and VIP coding bonuses.

wealthpack1There is plenty of time for you to join the elite top executives with Xocai for this next cruise.  The HTP Chocolate Challenge goes from May 25th, 2015 through November 22nd, 2015 so you have plenty of time to earn the cruise.  Having been on the last two cruises and spending time with multi-millionaire healthy chocolate earners, I can honestly say it is one of the best experiences and you don’t want to miss it.  Hurry and join the Healthy Chocolate Co. Team.

We are Wayne & Lynette of Three Sons Marketing LLC, out of Punta Gorda, Florida.  Call us today at (877) 208-8172, email us at or visit us direct at  Let us show you how to make it happen in 2015.

Recently an article appeared on social media and online stating that it is not true that you can lose weight eating chocolate.  They claimed that they made it up and tried to make people believe it.  That may be the case if the chocolate you are talking about is a high calorie high fat candy bar made with little or no chocolate.  However, cold pressed chocolate made from Theobroma Cacao is a high antioxidant superfood.  There is no question that this is good for you and that it is possible to lose weight eating it.

chocolatediet11The American Journal of Bariatric Medicine, The Bariatrician is a color scientific publication distributed twice a year to ASBP (American Society of Bariatric Physicians) members and subscribers.  A study was published showing the benefits of a cold pressed chocolate diet shake and Xocai healthy chocolate nuggets for weight loss.  The study of the chocolate diet weight loss program was actually featured on the cover of the bariatric journal.  Also included in the journal was the official study that showed the average participant lost 31 pounds in 12 weeks eating a high antioxidant chocolate shake for two meals a day, a normal dinner, up to two snacks and Xocai healthy chocolate nuggets.

During the study, everyone continued to participate as it was easy to follow.  In addition to the 31 pound average weight loss in 12 weeks, the average person also lost over 5 inches around the waist.  So it may not be possible to lose weight eating a high calorie candy bar, but it certainly makes sense to eat the cold pressed healthy chocolate.

Xocai, The Healthy Chocolate Co. is now offering a weight loss program to lose the weight and get in the shape you have always desired.  It may be that you want to go down a size, or look great in that bikini or tankini on Siesta Key beach or in Miami.  It might be that you want to improve your health and you know that losing weight will help you reach that goal.  Whatever your desire, the Xocai chocolate diet is a yummy way to get fit and healthy.

The weight loss program is called "Ripped and Rich".  This includes the Xocai protein shake that has 21 grams of protein and over 56,000 rippedrich2ORACfn in antioxidants per serving.  It also includes the Xocai Xe energy drink that Bill O'Reilly featured as the tip of the day on his O'Reilly Factor show.  Apparently Bill O'Reilly also drinks the Xe energy drink every day.  Also in the pack is the Xocai nuggets which are great for cravings.  You can do this!  Order your kit today and get started.

We are Three Sons Marketing LLC and we have lost weight on this program as well.   Email us at and mention free recipes in the subject line.  We will email you free recipes to make yummy scrumptious meals with your Xocai protein shake.  We can also be reached at (877) 208-8172 or order direct at

You can do this!  Get started today.

A new appetite suppressant for weight loss and diet cravings is taking the world by storm.  This appetite suppressant tastes great and is a highly desired food that everyone loves to eat.  This appetite suppressant perfect for dieting, is a version of dark chocolate that has been cold pressed to keep in the antioxidants from Theobroma Cacao.

shakebrandedThis dark chocolate diet treat is made with cold pressed chocolate.  It has no waxes or fillers and is sweetened with the acai and blueberry.  Choose from Xocai healthy chocolate nuggets, Xobiotic chocolates or power squares for cravings.  Calorie count for Power squares is just 33 calories.  In order to reap the benefits, simply eat a piece of Xocai chocolate 20-30 minutes before each meal.  It is important to space them out during the day, eating a minimum of three pieces daily in the morning, mid day and evening.  To curb cravings and reduce hunger, simply eat a piece of Xocai chocolate and drink a glass of water before meals.  For serious weight loss, consider incorporating the Xocai high-antioxidant meal replacement shake that was featured on the cover of the Bariatrician, The American Journal of Bariatric Medicine.  The average participant lost 31 pounds in 12 weeks and over 5 inches around the waist.

Ixobioticebay3s there a better way to diet than to eat chocolate?  We don't think so.  Order your Xocai chocolates today to get them shipped out right away.  Try my favorites, the Xobiotic with probiotic and the Xocai power squares or order our Ripped and Rich pack which includes Xocai protein shake, Xocai dark chocolate nuggets and Xe healthy energy drink.  This is the same drink that Bill O'Reilly drinks every day and mentioned as his tip of the day on the Factor.  Visit us direct at to order or call (877) 208-8172 with any questions.  We are Wayne and Lynette and we would love to help meet your healthy chocolate needs.

You have been hearing for years how good dark chocolate is for you.  You know you are getting older and you really need to start taking care of your health.  Did you know there are simple painless things you can do that can really make a difference?  Yes, simple things you won't even mind doing.  One great way to start eating more antioxidants that are found in fruits and vegetables is to incorporate healthy dark chocolate into your diet just like you would a vitamin or a supplement.  The benefit of course that this chocolate tastes amazing.  It juChocopiecesst does not have the waxes, fillers and processed sugars like you find in candy.  It also is not processed like candy chocolate.  This dark chocolate uses a patented cold pressed chocolate method that keeps in the antioxidants like what you would find in raw cacao.  This is important and this is why it is so good for you.

Don't simply think you can run to your local big box or grocery store and find this cold pressed healthy chocolate.  The only one who makes healthy chocolate is a company called the "Healthy Chocolate Co."  also know as Xocai healthy chocolate.  Every piece of Xocai healthy chocolate is individually wrapped and has the amount of antioxidants ORACfn score listed as well as the amount of flavonoids.

Definition of antioxidants courtesy of MedicineNet:  "Antioxidant: A substance that reduces damage due to oxygen, such as that caused by free radicals. Well-known antioxidants include enzymes and other substances, such as vitamin C, vitamin E, and beta carotene, which are capable of counteracting the damaging effects of oxidation. Antioxidants may possibly reduce the risks of cancer. Antioxidants clearly slow the progression of age-related macular degeneration."

Definition of flavonoids courtesy of University of Michigan Health System:  "Contains flavonoids called procyanidins & epicatechins; flavonoids are part of a group of antioxidants known as polyphenols and are found in a variety of foods including dark chocolate, tea, red wine, and various fruits and vegetables."

wealthpackactivationAll dark chocolates are not the same.  Heart healthy dark chocolate that is cold pressed is the best I have found as far as antioxidant and flavonoid content.  Norman Hollenberg, a professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School said that epicatechin is so important that it should be considered a vitamin.  Epicatechin is a compound found in cocoa and the health benefits of this compound are so striking that is may rival penicillin in terms of importance to public health reports Marina Murphy in Chemistry & Industry, the magazine of the SCI.

Dr. Norman Hollenberg spent years studying the benefits of cocoa on the Kuna people of Panama. He had this to say about the benefits of epicatechin, a form of flavonoid found in cold pressed dark chocolate. 'If these observations predict the future, then we can say without blushing that they are among the most important observations in the history of medicine,' Hollenberg says. 'We all agree that penicillin and anaesthesia are enormously important. But epicatechin could potentially get rid of 4 of the 5 most common diseases in the western world, how important does that make epicatechin?... I would say very important'

Xocai healthy chocolate, in an effort to get the word out about the benefits of cold pressed healthy chocolate, have created a Welcome pack of sorts that include 13 of their most popular products.  When ordering the Welcome Wealth pack, you receive;

Variety pack of Xocai cold pressed chocolates including power squares, omega squares, nuggets and Xobiotic

Activ a similar drink to what the Kuna people of Panama would drink

Xophoria anti-aging neurocosmetic skin care cream for men and women (I swear by this stuff!)

Xophoria shampoo and conditioner (gluten free and works wonders for thin hair like mine)

Xovitality anti-aging capsules (month supply of heart & brain, antioxidant power & energy & immunity)

Xe healthy energy drink (12 pack)

Xocai chocolate diet wellness protein shake (14 servings)  I never skip this ever!

0021You can also purchase any of these products individually.  If you want to immerse yourself in healthy chocolate, the welcome wealth pack is a great way to start.  Order your Wealth pack for $500 shipped. (tax not included)  The Healthy Chocolate Co. knows that you will see a benefit with healthy chocolate and they are offering you a deal.  Order monthly and receive a FREE product every third month for the first year!  Cancel anytime, what an awesome way to get FREE PRODUCTS!

Contact Wayne or Lynette at Three Sons Marketing LLC at (877) 208-8172, email us at or visit our website directly at


MedicineNet definition of antioxidant;

The University of Michigan Health System, Healing Foods Pyramid;


Chocolate is healthy, prevents diabetes, improves thinking and keeps you skinny, scientists say

shakebrandedPerhaps chocolate shouldn't be such a guilty pleasure. A study this week shows eating 100 grams a day - two bars - lowers the risk of heart disease and stroke. Of course, some were skeptical. "I would not be rushing out to buy chocolate for a treat – rather, if peckish, a piece or two of fruit is far better and comes from nature itself,” said Naveed Sattar of the University of Glasgow. However, there are lots other studies touting chocolate’s benefits.

Lowers heart disease, stroke risk

Eating up to 100 grams, or two bars, of chocolate daily is linked to lowered heart disease and stroke risk, according to research published Monday in the journal Heart. Researchers found those who regularly indulged were 11 per cent less likely to have a heart attack, stroke or other cardiovascular problems than those who ate none. The results come from an 12-year study of 25,000 men and women in Norfolk, England.

Prevents obesity, diabetes

The American Chemical Society, in its April 2014 Journal of Agricultural & Food Chemistry, found chocolate could help fight weight gain and type-2 diabetes. The study’s authors fed lab mice different diets, including a high-fat diet supplemented with different kinds of flavanols (antioxidant found in cocoa). One set of compounds, oligomeric procyanidins, prevented mice on a high-fat diet from gaining excess weight and lowered blood-sugar levels.

Keeps you skinny

The more you eat, the lower your body fat level is, say University of Granada researchers. Their November 2013 study proved greater consumption of chocolate in adolescence was associated with lower levels of total fat (deposited over the entire body) and central fat (on the stomach) — even when the study participants did not exercise or diet. The study credited flavonoids — especially catechins — which have healthy properties that reduce inflammation and hypertension.

Improves thinking

Drinking two cups of hot chocolate a day helped older people keep their brains healthy, and their thinking skills sharp, asays an August 2013 study from Harvard Medical school. The researchers tested the memory and thinking skill of 60 people, average age 73, who drank hot cocoa for 30 days. The 18 participants, who had circulation problems, had a 8.3 per cent improvement of blood flow to the brain and quicker responses to skill-testing questions.

Makes snails smarter

University of Calgary scientists found the flavonoid epicatechin (epi) in dark chocolate improved the length and strength of snail memories. The molluscs were dipped in deoxygenated pond water laced with a concentration of epi. With a tap on their shell, they were trained to keep their breathing tubes closed. They remembered to do so when immersed more than three days later, according to results published in September 2012Journal of Experimental Biology.

National Post

...continue reading Dark Chocolate Keeps you skinny! The more you eat, the lower your body fat level is says University of Granada researchers.

I grew up with my mom and brother in the suburbs of Chicago.  I was the oldest and my brother was three years younger.  We did not have the easiest childhood so my brother and I grew up watching out for each other.  As the oldest, I always tried to take care of my brother the best I could.  As I married and moved away from home, I did not get to spend as much time with my brother.  Eventually my brother got married as well and all of us had kids.  Boys to be exact.  Between us there were five boys, so we had plenty of fun getting the cousins together to play.

I never worried much about health, what foods to eat or things like that.  I was young and felt invinsible.  Fast forward to when my brother was 42 and thinks changed drastically.  He passed away.  It was unexpected and it was very sad.  I started realizing how important it was to take care of myself and my family.  I realized my brother did not really take care of himself all that well.  He was not heavy but he did not eat the best.  Like most of us, he enjoyed processed foods and was not a fan of high antioxidant superfoods.  I started learning it was not just about weight but actually about what kind of food we are putting in our body that helps to improve our health.

waynelynettebabyI learned that cold pressed dark chocolate is actually quite good for you.  Cold pressed chocolate is not heated and cooked like candy chocolate is.  By not heating it, dark chocolate can keep the high antioxidant value in the raw cacao which it is made from.  I found out that there is a company with a patented process to make this cold pressed chocolate.  The company is called Xocai healthy chocolate.

I quickly learned that eating a high antioxidant diet is really good for your health.  Eating lots of antioxidants can help you reduce inflammation.  Inflammation may lead to a host of disease, from cancer, rheumatoid arthritis and heart disease.  So finding out that eating antioxidant rich foods like Xocai healthy chocolate three times a day can be good for your health has been amazing.

A recent article in the Chicago Tribune on June 17th, 2015 even says you can lower the risk of heart disease by eating more chocolate.  Now that is truly exciting!  The article "Good news for chocolate lovers:  The more you eat, the lower your risk of heart disease, study suggests" by Ariana Eunjung Cha of the Washington Post had some interesting things to say about the risk of death from heart attack.  "But a surprising number of studies have found that dark chocolate can reduce the risk of death from a heart attack, decrease blood pressure and help those with chronic fatigue syndrome."

If you truly care about your significant other, hurry and order them some healthy chocolate.  Unlike candy chocolate, this has no waxes, fillers or processed sugars.  It is sweetened with the acai berry and blueberry, is diabetic friendly and gluten free.  One individually wrapped Xocai power square is just 33 calories each.  Even better, those who are watching their weight may find that eating a piece of healthy dark chocolate like the Xobiotic chocolate, nugget or power square 20 to 30 minutes before a meal may also curb cravings helping you lose weight.

After the untimely death of my brother, I felt like I needed to share healthy chocolate with the world.  Knowing that making simple changes like lynettebrandedincreasing antioxidants can make a difference I just had to share.  I can't think of an easier way to eat antioxidants than in cold pressed dark chocolate.  This chocolate is not like candy chocolate.  Every piece of our chocolates show the antioxidant value so you know exactly what youa are getting.  You will see the ORACfn score which is off the charts.  Eating just three little pieces of Xocai healthy chocolate a day can give you the antioxidants many don't even get in a week.  So if you are looking to make some easy changes to improve your health, consider antioxidant rich dark cold pressed chocolate.  If you want a business where you can get paid to help others improve their health, consider a healthy chocolate business of your own.  It is a great opportunity for stay at home mom, dad, grandparents and those looking to retire or tired of the corporate world.  It is so easy and affordable to get started.  Most people start with the wealth pack which runs $500 and includes 13 of our most popular Xocai healthy chocolate products.  It is a great way to try the anti-aging skin care, shampoo and conditioner, the Xe Xocai energy drinks, Xocai chocolates, protein shake, chocolate anti-aging capsules and the Activ drink.

Start with one box, or try a variety.  It is up to you.  Your health matters.  Don't wait.  Start today.

We are Three Sons Marketing LLC in Southwest Florida.  We can be reached at (877) 208-8172, email us at or visit our website direct at HealthyChocolate.Website.  Any questions on what is best for your health needs?  Give us a call, we are here to help.



Good news for chocolate lovers: The more you eat, the lower your risk of heart disease, study suggests by 


Here Is A Way For Google To Work Behind The Scenes For You For Free!

Google Alerts is a terrific free option that gives you the search result tools promptly and easily.  It is a way that you can easily follow up on what your competitors are doing, it is a Means to discover just what your industry is doing and use that information to your advantage.  Depending on your business, this can easily be a great business tool to preserve yourself and keep you current on the events in your industry.

Signing up for your free google alerts could not be any easier.  Just go to google alerts and search for your options.  If you hope to research if your advertisements are showing up on google, this would be a great alert to do.  If you hope to discover newly released studies on a personal disease or illness you can easily do that as well.  If you hope to discover studies on healthy chocolate, you can easily do that.  If you want business alerts concerning points that might affect your industry, you can easily search for that.

As a healthy chocolate consultant, it is beneficial to me to know what studies have actually been done recently or articles written that share vital information about the benefits of dark chocolate.  I can easily take a short article from a google alert and use it as a reference in my blog posts, I can easily tweet concerning that same source, mention on facebook or pinterest as well as any of the various other popular social media sites.

Anyone that prefers to succeed in business should be using the google alerts free tool for their benefit.  This has actually been a successful free tool for many in my healthy chocolate group and it can easily be a terrific resource for you as well no matter if you have actually been in business for years or are just getting started with a new business venture.

Google alerts can become a fantastic resource for those bloggers that enjoy writing current events, it can easily offer you up to the minute shortoasisoftheseas articles as resources to keep you informed.  It is a terrific resource for mommy bloggers, brand-new bloggers, tech bloggers and anyone that is working on creating a brand or business.  This is undoubtedly a resource you need to have, if you are not using it now, hurry and get started.

It has actually been helpful to me in growing a successful network marketing group and in aiding me to preserve up to date research that could be helpful to my health and wealth business.   If you have not yet found the perfect business opportunity, I urge you to look in to Xocai healthy chocolate company.  This is the business I have been involved in for five years now.  I first checked into healthy chocolate when I was looking for ways to improve the health of my autistic son.  I did my research and due diligence and quickly learned this was helpful for my entire family with many different issues like fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, failed back syndrome and gastroparesis.  I learned this company is debt free, has one of the most effective compensation plans I have actually found where you grab more upfront cash.  I also know the company is going to be around as they have been in business for ten years.  They continually come out along with amazing products that actually make a difference for folks including my family.  I adore my customers and appreciate their loyalty to the Xocai products.  Thanks to them and my team I keep earning residual income.

wealthpack1I of course love the trips and cars you can easily earn.  I have actually been on the last two cruises and I am working on earning my next 7 day cruise on Royal Caribbean cruise line this January, 2016.  It is so simple and affordable for anyone to get started no matter if you just graduated from high school or are getting ready to retire.  Order your Healthy Chocolate wealth pack today for $499 and you will receive 13 of our most popular healthy chocolate products as well as a starter kit with everything you need to start your business and your own dedicated website.  Most promptly notice the benefits of higher antioxidants in dark chocolate and why it makes a difference.  When you see a difference, you will understand why this is such an amazing business opportunity.

Feel free to give me a call and I can easily assist you in getting started with your wealth pack.  Xocai healthy chocolate is a team and upline that provides the support you need to succeed.  Not only will I assist you, my upline is amazingly supportive as well.  We are willing and able to help you in any way we can.  Trust me, if you have been in network marketing before, they don't all offer the kind of support you need.  If you are prepared to dedicate your time to earn a serious full or part-time income, this is your opportunity.

Contact Lynette or Wayne today.  We can be reached at (877) 208-8172, you can email us at or please visit us direct at .


Has this ever happened to you?

You go on vacation along with your family and realize you don’t hope to go back.  You don’t want to go back to the long hours at your job and your crazy expensive life and taxes at home.  You want a change.  A total change.  Well that happened to me lots of times as we traveled the 24 hour drive along with lots of stops from the Chicago area to Orlando, Florida every year along with the kids.  There was something concerning Florida that was drawing us in.  It was much more than just Mickey Mouse, much more than just the Walt Disney Globe at Epcot and Universal Studios parks, much more than just the beautiful weather and palm trees.  It was more about the slower pace, the getaway from the craziness of a busy Chicago day job and a job ethic that needs you to work work work nonstop, requiring you to give up precious family time and every little thing that matters.  It was enticing to believe we could actually get away from all that and grab what was necessary in life.  It did not hurt that Florida had lower house prices, much lower property taxes and no state income tax making it an option we just kept thinking about over and over in our minds.

There is no doubt that people from the midwest have actually a good job ethic.  It is cold outside and honestly we have actually nothing to do however job it seems.  people in the south take it slower, so no wonder that it is enticing to those of us from the midwest to finally grab a possibility to relax.  I can easily say that it took a while for us to enjoy and focus on a slower pace, however I have actually come to realize that life is short. Don’t wait to take pleasure in life.  If you dream it, you can do it.

As my husband and I would certainly return from our annual Florida vacations, as they had to come to an end, we would certainly stop along the drive back looking at homes we could purchase and looking for jobs we might be able to find. We would certainly strategize ways to make it happen however ultimately return to our Chicago good paying jobs and settle in for just what would certainly be a freezing cold winter and many days of snow shoveling.

photo-1-150x1501Every year our interest in moving would certainly grow as we vacationed in Florida. We have actually now been in Florida for the last 12 years and I can easily tell you it is a slower pace. I have actually much more flexibility as I do my job from the house now and that is one of the most effective benefits. You undoubtedly don’t have to move to Florida to work from home. The wonderful thing concerning working out of the house in a home based business is that you can easily own them anywhere, in the United States or in lots of countries.

Don’t wait to live your dream

I am thankful that my husband and I finally decided to take the plunge along with three children in tow so many years ago.  Adjustment can easily be difficult however it can also be worthwhile as it was for us.  I started realizing we had only lived in Illinois because my dad had been transferred for a job opportunity.  We had traveled to lots of areas for job transfers including Ann Arbor, Michigan.  It made me realize we could put down roots anywhere we wanted.  Now that my husband and I are both 50, we have actually lots of friends that are tired of working in the corporate environment and that are looking for an alternative.  Lots of people we know have actually been able to successfully do their job from home and everyone I know wants this for themselves.  Others realize a house business could grab them the ability to retire early.  Some realize that a house based business, even one that earns a small income, can easily still be a wonderful tool at tax time.  Business deductions on a house based business make it a smart choice for many.  It is fairly enlightening to have a discussion on the tax benefits of a business from home along with your tax advisor. disneyview-300x1681




Which home business to choose?

For me the choice was simple.  I was not looking for a business at all.  Having family members along with serious chronic health issues, I merely wanted us to feel better and I was researching every little thing feasible to reach that goal.  As quickly as I found out concerning cold pressed healthy chocolate, I was intrigued.  Research benefits of antioxidants or benefits of chocolate and the studies are shocking.  I quickly knew that we had to start incorporating healthy chocolate in to our diet.  That was 5 years ago and we have actually never stopped consuming this healthy chocolate.  We send it off along with our children to college to make certain they are consuming enough antioxidants, we provide it to our autistic son and my husband and I have actually our own healthy chocolate regimen.  I start my day along with my Xocai protein shake, have actually an Xe energy drink mid day, consume my Xobiotic chocolates and I additionally love the Xovitality anti-aging capsules.  My hubby prefers the Activ and takes a shot of Activ throughout the day, the Xe energy and the Xovitality anti-aging capsules.  His favorite chocolate is the Xocai nugget.

It quickly became evident that this could become a home based business for us.  We already believed in the products and we love to assist people.  That is really just what my business is about.  Helping people improve their health and succeed in business to produce wealth.  Health and Wealth.  The most effective of both worlds.

Now is the time to grab your spot in the healthy chocolate business.  People are finally understanding the reality that our meals are depleted of spinach-300x3002most of what we need to be healthy.  People are tired of getting sick and people notice a difference as quickly as they start consuming a lot of antioxidants.  As far as price, it is so much cheaper to consume healthy chocolate to grab your antioxidants compared to it is to buy fresh fruits and veggies at the farmers market or your local grocery store.  As quickly as I priced it out on sale at my local Winn-Dixie grocery store, it would certainly cost me over $12 a person per day to consume the antioxidants in merely three little pieces of chocolate.  Since the three pieces of chocolate only ran me $2.50 a day, it was a no brainer that the chocolate was much cheaper.  Plus It would certainly be difficult to convince my family to be consuming tons and tons of fruits and vegetables every day.  It was just not realistic.

I quickly learned how enjoyable this business can easily be.  I love having a group of people that hope to assist others succeed as well.  It additionally helps to have actually an amazing up-line along with many supports from corporate available.

I did my due diligence.  I found a company that uses a patented process to make an amazing product line of healthy chocolates.  They even own the rights to the words healthy chocolate.  There is no competition once you compare the antioxidant values of our products.  We are healthy chocolate.  We are the category creator.  The company is debt free, Has actually been in business for ten years and they care and are concerned about the needs of their distributors.  The compensation strategy is exceptional including the brand-new VIP Wealth Group choices that offers the Wealth Coding Bonus incentive.  The coding bonuses make it one of the most lucrative means to earn cash up front as quickly as starting your business.  I additionally liked that it was easy and affordable to grab my spot in the business.  For merely $500 I could grab a Wealth Group kit that included 13 of our products so you have actually a good understanding of some of the most popular products.  It additionally included a kit that had every little thing I needed to get started right away in business as well as a website for a year and a back office where you can easily manage your earnings, sales and commission checks.

I have people in my group that job exclusively online, some utilizing social media and blogs, I have actually others that job exclusively in person, meeting along with doctors, therapists, dentists, spas and those interested in health meals. I have actually others that make certain they are branded by wearing healthy chocolate clothing and people stop them all the time asking is there really a healthy and balanced chocolate.  I have actually been stopped at the mall, I have actually been stopped at church, I have actually been stopped at the grocery store.  People hope to know the information concerning this chocolate.   There are so many choices along with this business.  How you choose to be successful in your business is up to you.

Get started today.  Don’t wait one more second.

We are Three Sons Marketing LLC.  We are in SW Florida however we actually have mentoring programs online as well.  We can easily be reached at (877) 208-8172 or visit us directly at  Be sure to check out the VIP wealth Group or business builder options.  Those are the most effective choices to grab your spot in this amazing business.



I am a fan of author Steven Covey who wrote an amazing book for entrepreneurs titled “7 Habits of Highly Successful Network Marketing Professionals”.  This MLM masterpiece book details the success life stories of individuals in multi level or relationship marketing.  Taking the time to read books on how to be a successful entrepreneur are vital if you want to succeed in Network Marketing.  Training is key and reading books like these are helpful.  f you have not read 7 Habits then I highly recommend it.  I also think it is smart to listen to the video I posted below.  It is of Steven Covey sharing the success story of Jeremy Reynolds and his wife who together have made their fortune with The Healthy Chocolate Company Xocai here in Utah.

I have met Jeremy Reynolds at many events and on Royal Caribbean Platinum reward cruises.  He is truly an impressive guy.  He is the guy you will see helping out behind the scenes You would see him doing what many would consider menial tasks, helping process orders and make sure distributors were able to get the products they had ordered for events.  This man always has a smile on his face and his dedication to his team as well as the entire Xocai healthy chocolate organization is phenomenal.  I am happy to say I am involved with this amazing organization.  This video with Stephen Covey details Jeremy Reynolds success story that was created as a result of his following Habit 2 – Begin with the end in mind in Stephen Covey’s book.

frigidaire 179I have been involved with the Healthy Chocolate Company for over five years.  I became a customer first before it became my business.  I had no desire to start a Xocai healthy chocolate home business.  In fact, if you told me over five years ago that this would become a successful business for me I would have laughed.  I could not see the potential at the time but I realized quickly that the products are amazing. I had already worked in corporate America for years and was tired of the corporate grind.  I worked for GE Capital as a middle manager and later at uBid online auction as an operations analyst.  I lappreciated the opportunity at both companies but honestly I felt like I was losing out.  By the time I had kids I was really struggling.  My husband and I had infertility problems and it took 7 years for us to finally have our first child.  Having to work so hard to have a child, I struggled working away from home with an hour commute each way in Chicago traffic.  I now know that you don’t have to give up your career to raise a family or give up your family to promote your career path.  We have options!  I am very thankful that Rita Wright, a local health food store owner,  took the time to share this opportunity with me.

Now I pay it forward and share the same opportunity with you.  Network marketing can be intimidating to some.  It certainly was for me back in the beginning.  I did not understand how it worked and how I would actually make money.  I was used to a paycheck from an employer.  I had no idea what it was like to control my income and finally earn what I was worth.  It helped that Xocai products are amazing.  First off, they use a patented cold press process to make the chocolate that keeps in the antioxidants from the raw chocolate.  The Candy chocolate in stores is heated and dutched at extremely high temperatures for days to make it creamy.  Healthy Xocai chocolates don’t have waxes, fillers and processed sugars that are found in candy.  Xocai chocolates don't have added caffeine like most chocolate.  These are even gluten-free and diabetic friendly.  Healthy chocolates are sweetened with the acai berry and blueberry.  For those who love an energy drink, you will love the Xe.  Xocai came out with the Xe healthy energy drink that still has a very high antioxidant score.  One can of Xe is over 40,000 ORACfn.  That is more antioxidants than most people eat in a week.  When I realized how our family was benefiting from all these increased antioxidants in chocolate, my business was born and I started sharing how awesome healthy chocolate is.

I love that it is super easy to get started.  You don’t have to have a storefront.  You don’t have to purchase expensive equipment.  You can getcodingbonus started with the VIP wealth pack which gives you 13 of the most popular products for just $500 including your start-up fees,a website and back office.  Add business cards, print up some flyers, a drive to succeed and you are well on your way.  For those who need lots of product to get started, you can also get started as a business builder when you come into the business ordering six products and you get three free.  Included is your $39 annual wholesale fee which gives you a starter kit, a back office and a website for a full year.  Customers and distributors can order online directly at your website or you can take orders in your back office or manually.  When you have a business where you can get paid to help others succeed is so rewarding.  A business that gives you flexibility to work from home, where you can spend time with your family and do the things that are important to you, is the perfect opportunity for those who want to earn income and have a career from home.  Forget the expenses you have to pay with a franchise or a small business.  Network Marketing is the way of the future.

You have the control.  You can get started affordably.  You can take this business and run with it.  

You can earn $500 a week or you can earn millions a year.  

It is up to you.

Jeremy Reynolds did it.  Find out how you can do it too!  Reach us at (877) 208-8172, you can email us at or visit us direct at  The timing is now.  Now more than ever, people realizing the importance of diet, skipping processed foods and feeding your body the fuel it needs, like antioxidants.  This healthy chocolate is a high antioxidant superfood.