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Neurocosmetic Offers Affordable Way To Look Younger, Get Rid Of Wrinkles, Crows feet, Age Spots And Improve Mood

I am so excited to share with you this wonderful news from Dr. Gordon Pedersen, an anti-aging physician and expert when he was in Norway.  He talks about a dark chocolate skin care line called Xophoria and how it helps your skin and your mood.  I have been using the Xocai Xophoria anti-aging skin care cream for years and it is the best product I have ever used on my skin.  I have recently turned 50 and people still think I am in my early thirties.  I highly recommend you try it.

after180I have sensitive skin and have many freckles.  As I aged, I started getting age spots on my hands and my face.  I was able to get rid of most of my age spots just by using Xophoria morning and night.  I also have the smoothest skin and I no longer see the laugh lines and crows feet that I used to have.  See for yourself, my photo is on the left and I just turned 50 this May.

Dr. Gordon Pedersen has formulated many products.  He also came up with a cure for malaria and I consider him to be one of the top specialists in anti-aging.  In this video Dr. Pedersen also talks about the Xocai Xobiotic dark chocolate and the Xocai protein meal shake.  These products are available directly at or you can contact me at (877) 208-8172 for more specifics.  The Xobiotic chocolate is a cold pressed dark chocolate with a probiotic.  The protein shake has 21 grams of protein in one serving and over 56,000 ORACfn, the amount of antioxidants in just one serving.

Contact me directly if you would like recipes for the shake.  There xophoriaaaare many yummy recipes but my absolute favorite is creamy peanut butter and banana made with a frozen banana, ice, water, the shake mix and a little bit of peanut butter.  Tastes amazing and talk about energy!

I am Lynette Henk, I am a Gold Executive with The Healthy Chocolate Co., makers of Xocai healthy chocolate products.  I got involved with the Healthy Chocolate Co., when I realized the products were really making a difference for my family.  Increasing antioxidants strengthens your immune system.  Antioxidants are what is found in fruits and vegetables.  If you are not eating your 8-10 servings a day, why not get your antioxidants in chocolate.  Chocolate skincare, Chocolate squares or a Chocolate protein shake.  Visit us direct here.

Memorial Day Xocai Xe Healthy Energy Drink Bill O’Reilly Tip Of The Day Sample Pack Sale

As a mom of three young adult men, I always keep Xe healthy energy drinks in the fridge.  Each Xe Energy has over 40,000 ORACfn in antioxidants so I know my kids are getting the healthy nutrition they need,  Xe energy is our go to drink.  My husband swears by these whenever he has a long day or will be driving.  Skip the energy drinks that are bad for your health and choose Xe to get the energy you need and the power for your body.  “Given the recent attention to antioxidants in the media, medical & nutrition industries, it is important to know how antioxidants affect your health and well-being. Independent studies have shown that antioxidants in foods have the ability to counteract and fight the damaging effects of free radicals in the body. Xe Xoçaí®Energy™ drink contains two of the highest free radical-fighting fruits in the world today: Cacao & Açaí.

In addition, fatigue is one of today’s top complaints to doctors. farmmarketdomain-300x2252Unfortunately, most of society’s so-called “solutions” —such as energy drinks and energy shots—simply give a false energy via high sugar levels and harsh stimulants.

Xoçaí® Xe Energy™ delivers all-natural energy by way of some of the world’s top antioxidant superfoods. These unique ingredients help kick-start energy, metabolism, boost mental function, and provide superior antioxidant protection.”

oracscoreOrder your sample pack or get the cheapest price by the case direct at ;  Information on Xocai Xe Healthy Energy drink.

Are You Ready For Your Head To Toe Chocolate Makeover In Florida?

Are you ready for a head to toe chocolate makeover?  I bet you want to know what kind of chocolate you can have from head to toe.  I promise you won’t find it in the grocery store!  Well, there is only one chocolate I know of that is good for your entire body and that is Xocai healthy chocolate.  What is healthy chocolate?  Xocai healthy dark chocolate is a patented cold pressed chocolate made by Healthy Chocolate Co. out of Reno, Nevada.

The Xocai brand cold pressed healthy chocolate is cold pressed.  Unlike traditional chocolate that is cooked and heated “dutched” at high temperatures losing much of the antioxidant value, Xocai chocolate retains the antioxidants and flavonoids found in raw cacao.  This “cold pressed chocolate” is featured in all of our products from our hair care line, anti-aging skin care line and all of our healthy chocolate bars, protein shake, Activ and anti-aging capsules.

To enjoy healthy chocolate from head to toe, order the Xocai wealth pack.  I start with the Xophoria shampoo and conditioner, I then use the Xophoria anti-aging skincare cream.  After that you can start with a swig of Activ, Xovitality anti-aging capsules, a protein shake for breakfast or lunch, Xe energy drink for the afternoon lull and the Xocai chocolates to curb cravings during the day or eat as you choose as a snack.  Right now you can get started with your pack for just $499.95!  This also gives you the cheapest wholesale pricing on future products that you can order monthly.  Included in your monthly auto-order, you receive a free product every third month for the first year!

NOW THAT IS A DEAL!wealthpack1

Each wealth pack includes;


Anti-aging capsules (Xovitality Bottle of heart & brain, energy & immunity & antioxidant power)

Xe Energy Drinks

Xophoria Anti-Aging skin care cream

Xophoria shampoo & conditioner

Xocai best sellers pack of nuggets, power squares, omega and Xobiotic squares

Xocai meal replacement shake


codingbonusThis is a great way to try out all of the Xocai healthy chocolate products.  Even better, it includes your starter kit and website so you can share the health benefits of Xocai with others.  This is honestly the best network marketing business I know of.  People are finding out the secret of Xocai chocolate.  Ask me about the amazing compensation plan which includes the new Wealth coding bonus!

Get paid to share the benefits of Xocai healthy chocolates.  Join the new Ascent plan millionaire training for new Xocai Healthy Chocolate Co. network marketers starting soon. You don’t want to miss this!

We are Gold Executives with Xocai healthy chocolate.  Contact us prosperfor details on how you can get started at (877) 208-8172, email us at or visit our site at

How To DIY Barn Sliding Bifold Door Hardware Project Office Solution

I am not sure when I fell in love with the barn door look.  It started when we were adding on a home office for my healthy chocolate business.  I did not want the standard french doors.  I wanted something that would really make the room pop.  I am a big fan of Pinterest and had pinned all kinds of ideas for my project.  I just adore the look of a shabby cottage style barn door and some amazing hardware.  The problem came when I checked out the price for barn door hardware, boy was I in for a shock.  Considering I am looking at a 6 foot opening, without 6 foot of wall space to spare, my only option is a bifold door.  Can you just guess how much the hardware alone is for the bifold door?  More than $1000!  And that does not even include the doors.

So I have been searching for a DIY solution.  I found some amazing officewall1ideas including the youtube video above with two doors.  I also found a wonderful blog called “Design The Life You Want To Live” by Lynne Knowlton.  She has stunning Amish wooden wheels that make a showpiece of your barn door hardware.  She also shares how you can buy the rest of the hardware you need for as little as $25.  The Amish wood wheels run $60 a pair which is what you need for one door, but they are absolutely stunning.  I have decided I am going to use her wood wheels in my DIY barn door hardware project.  The video above even shows you how to make your own door if that is something you want to do.  I am going to take standard doors and use Annie Sloan Chalk Paint to get the cottage style look that I want.

Is it just me?  Am I the only one obsessed with these barn doors?  To me it is an amazing look and I just can’t stop thinking about adding them.  So if you are looking for a DIY affordable barn door hardware option, here are some great suggestions.  If you have found a DIY way to incorporate these stunning amish wood wheels into a bypass barn door hardware system, please please please contact me or message me and let me know. Basically I am looking for an option when you have limited wall space to store the doors when open which gives you the ability to slide one door over another.  It would also work great for closets or when you have multiple openings on the same wall. I am sure my hubby thinks I have lost my mind at this point, but I know there is a way to make this work.

wheelsYou really should check out these wheels at Lynne Knowlton’s site, they are stunning!  If you have any ideas or photos of how you were able to make your DIY bypass door hardware or a successful DIY barn door project, please share! Continue reading

How To Enjoy Your Trip To Disney World Orlando With The Kids Or Grandkids And Still Survive

I just made it back from a trip today from the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World, Orlando Florida.  If you have not been in a while, it is a long day and you really need to plan.  I am 50 and trust me without some planning I would not have survived the day.  The Magic Kingdom is usually open at least until midnight.  Considering most of us arrive early in the morning, it makes for a very long day.  First off it is very warm here in the Orlando Kissimmee area so you have to plan on staying hydrated.

Depending on the size of your family, you can spend serious bucks oracscorejust on drinks.  Here are some suggestions that can help you keep the cost down, keep you hydrated and energized.  Consider buying every person in your group a Brita water bottle with filter or other comparable product.  This way you can fill up your water bottles at the many water fountains found in the park.  This is an affordable way to stay hydrated.  For those of us 50 and up, this is a crazy amount of walking and you really need to plan to stay energized.

Think about healthy snacks so you have nutritious foods available.  My go to drink is the Xe healthy energy drink.  It is the only energy drink I know of that is off the charts in antioxidants and is a healthy way to give you the energy you need.  Yes, this is the same drink Bill O’Reilly said he drinks every day on his O’Reilly Factor show.  He even mentioned it as his tip of the day.  I know my family loves them and it gave me the energy to make it through the day.

mickey-300x168If you are finding yourself dragging by the afternoon, if you are planning activities that require a lot of energy, these are the reasons to try out the Xe drink.  If you are not eating enough fruits and vegetables, this is also a great resource.  Just one Xe energy drink gives you over 40,000 ORACfn antioxidants which is more than many people eat in a week.  The energy boost has been dramatic for me.  Try it out, you can order online here or order your sample pack just for my readers.  It is a free 3 pack but I do ask that you pay shipping.  You will wonder how you survived without them.

I am Lynette Henk, Xocai healthy energy consultant.  I can be reached at (877) 208-8172 or at


New Home Based Business Opportunity With The Chocolate Coding Bonus Is On Fire

Business minded folks are seriously jumping at the chance to get involved with this new coding bonus compensation plan offered by the Healthy Chocolate company.  If you are home with the kids, retired but need extra income, just out of school and ready to earn some serious income or just tired of the corporate world and want to be your own CEO, this may be just what you need.

codingbonus wealthpack1 Hi, I am Lynette Henk.  I have been involved with Xocai, the healthy chocolate company for the last 5 years.  The products are amazing and have the highest antioxidants of any products I have seen.  The best part though is that I get paid to help others succeed in business as well.  Check out the video above and see how quickly you can earn income with your new business.  This new coding bonus incentive is now the 9th way to get paid making it the best up front compensation that I have ever seen with a network marketing business.  No wonder so many individuals starting signing up for the wealth pack this Monday when the program started.

Get your wealth pack with a sampling of all the healthy chocolate lynettebrandedproducts along with your starter business ascent plan and more for just $499 plus tax.  Where else can you start a business where you are in charge and where you can help others improve their health and wealth.  Let’s talk.  (877) 208-8172 or email  You can also order your wealth pack at

Dr. Gordon Pedersen Institute of Alternative Medicine Director Talks On The Healenth Benefits of Vitamin C and Cacao Skin Care Anti-Aging Serum

mxicruise 051

I just watched a very interesting video by Dr. Gordon Pedersen, the director of the Institute of Alternative Medicine.  He talked about the benefits of vitamin C and Cacao.  He mentions a cream form of vitamin C and Cacao and shows the benefits of wrinkle reduction on feet.  It was very impressive!  If you would like me to email you this video, please message us at and mention Vitamin C in the subject line.

I just ordered a new Vitamin C Cacao based skin care cream called the Xophoria C Serum.  I can’t wait until I receive it!  It is brand new and just available for purchase today.  According to the Xocai Healthy Chocolate Co website, “Looking for a revitalized, rejuvenated and more youthful appearance? You can have it—with the clinically proven and exclusive duo of cacao and Paris-sourced vitamin C—found only in Xophoria Vitamin C Serum! Get rid of the wrinkles, eliminate the spots, and enjoy a radiant, youthful appearance—with Xophoria C Serum.”

I am Lynette Henk, Gold Executive with Xocai, the Healthy cserumChocolate Co.  I have enjoyed the health and wealth benefits of healthy chocolate products for the last five years. Increased antioxidants have improved my health and the business opportunity and the wealth pack option have increased my business wealth.  I was thrilled when they came out with the Xophoria line but am very excited to try the new vitamin C serum with 10% vitamin C.  This premium product is unlike anything else on the market.  Try it today!

Visit us online to order at or call (877) 208-8172.  I also recommend the entire Xophoria line including the skin care cream, cleanser and Xophoria serum.  If you would like to join me and start your home based business with the healthy chocolate company, give me a call or message me as soon as possible.  Things are taking off with the new wealth coding bonus and Wealth Pack that became available today.  I believe this company is offering the most lucrative up front commission structure in the market.  Check it out and you will see what I mean.  This is HUGE!

Pay Less To The IRS; Available Tax Incentives When You Start A Home Based Business

Now that you have filed your taxes for 2014, it becomes increasingly clear that more tax deductions is better.  Did you know that the federal government gives us tax incentives for starting a home based business?  Did you know that you are able to claim the costs of doing business from your home on your tax return? All true.

Smart individuals and those with a smart Certified Public Accountant, (CPA) know that there are significant benefits in having a home based business even if it is part time.  You can also claim part of your home as an allowable business expense if the space is used exclusively for the business.  In my case, I am able to use my business office in my home as an allowable expense.  More details on this deduction are available at this IRS link.

jeanettelynettebrandedWhat is a tax deductible home business expense according to the IRS?  According to Publication 535 Business Expenses, a tax deductible business expense must be the following “To be deductible, a business expense must be both ordinary and necessary. An ordinary expense is one that is common and accepted in your trade or business. A necessary expense is one that is helpful and appropriate for your trade or business.”

It is important to keep good records of the costs of doing business.  You are able to deduct mileage for anything related to your business so it is key to keep a log in your vehicle which helps you keep an accurate record.  You can do this by simply noting the mileage as you leave and when you return as well as the purpose of the trip or the name of the customer or potential client you met.  Taking the time to keep accurate records can save you thousands in federal tax from the Internal Revenue Service.   There are also some great apps out now that make it very easy to keep track of your expenses.  I believe the cost can easily pay for itself just because you won’t forget about any valid deductions.  One of the best mobile phone apps I have found is called Deductr.  I highly recommend it.  It is a great way to make sure you keep track of all of your potential deductions including your mileage and receipts.

What to do if you don’t already have a home based business and need a tax write off?  You certainly want to look for a reputable business, as this is likely something that will earn you a part time or full time income long term assuming you put in the effort and have a desire to succeed.  In fact, many individuals are highly successful in the network marketing industry because of the residual income they continue to receive from their earlier efforts.  I recommend that you look for a company that has been in business for five years or more and is debt free.  Of course the products they sell must be something consumable that people will need to purchase regularly and that are so effective that you will have long term customers who share the benefits with others helping to grow your team and business.

I found that kind of business in Xocai, The Healthy Chocolate Co. five years ago.   I am now a gold executive in the business and working my way up to platinum.  Not only am I able to claim wonderful tax deductions for starting my own business, I can earn unlimited income based on my goals and needs, I have earned two Royal Caribbean cruises so far paid for by the Healthy Chocolate Company, met the owner and the top people in the business and have the most amazing upline on the planet.  Working with a team of people who want you to succeed, that really makes the difference.  The best part is that it is so affordable to get started in the business.  I recommend starting with the wealth pack which runs you $499  plus tax, that is it!  That gives you your website, an amazing selection of patented cold pressed healthy chocolate products that are antioxidant superfoods as well as the cacao based Xophoria skincare line that is impressive in it’s ability to have men and women looking younger quickly.  My age spots disappeared and I will forever be grateful.

So the key is to find a company you can believe in.  Keep good

records, the old fashioned way or an app on your smartphone.  Even the cost of starting up a business is usually tax deductible.  Check with your tax advisor to confirm but the information I have provided is direct from the IRS site.  As far as I am concerned, everyone should consider a home based business for tax purposes if nothing else.  It is also a great way to earn additional income and have flexibility to work from home if you choose.  It can be a great option for retirees not quite ready to completely retire, a student working their  way through college, for a stay at home mom or dad or a stressed out executive tired of the corporate grind.  Whatever your reason, whatever your goal, a home based network marketing opportunity can provide you with the best leverage options and tax savings for the long term.  Check it out.  I am so glad I did five years ago.

I am Lynette Henk, Gold Executive with the Healthy Chocolate Company.  I get paid to help others succeed and improve their health.  Give me a call and I can help you get started with the wealth pack.  Just wait til you hear about the amazing compensation plan this company has.  Just the wealth coding bonus alone is huge.  Talk about getting money in your pocket quickly.  I can be reached at (877) 208-8172, you can email or you can visit my site at;


Xocai Healthy Chocolate Company Dark Chocolate In The News Again

Xocai the healthy chocolate company has made the news yet again.  This healthy chocolate company makes a cold pressed chocolate that is not cooked or heated like candy chocolate.  The dutching process that traditional chocolate goes through endures 2-3 days worth of heating at high temperatures.  This patented cold press method keeps in the antioxidants of the raw cacao making it one of the highest antioxidant products on the planet.

If you are not getting the 8-10 servings of antioxidants in fruits and vegetables everyday like you should, simply incorporate at least three pieces of healthy chocolate a day to get the same benefit.  Xocai dark chocolates come in many flavors depending on your preference or health needs. Currently you can choose from the Power Square, Omega Square with flaxseed, Xobiotic with a probiotic, Nuggets, Heart shaped Xo love chocolate love bites and the Xocai healthy peanut butter cup.  Many people start out with the variety pack until they decide which they prefer.  The variety pack comes with four of the most popular chocolates.  My husband loves the nuggets and I think the Xobiotic tastes fantastic.  Watching your calories, our power square is just 33 calories.  Eat a piece 20-30 minutes before each meal if you want to curb your appetite and lose weight eating chocolate.

Don’t delay.  If you are not eating enough fruits and vegetables, try something easy like healthy chocolate.  Increased antioxidants can help lower inflammation.  Inflammation is the cause of over 200 diseases.  According to Inflammation Affects Every Aspect Of Your Health by Dr. David M. Marquis, DC, DACBN, “Inflammation controls our lives. Have you or a loved one dealt with pain, obesity, ADD/ADHD, peripheral neuropathy, diabetes, heart disease, stroke, migraines, thyroid issues, dental issues, or cancer?  If you answered yes to any of these disorders you are dealing with inflammation.”

Increasing antioxidants lowers inflammation.  This healthy oracscorechocolate is off the charts in antioxidant content.  Xocai products are regularly tested to determine the ORACfn score (Antioxidant level) and the flavonoid amounts.  This is listed on the box.  Most products have the Brunswick Labs seal of certification so you know exactly how much antioxidant benefit you are receiving.

Once you receive your chocolates, be sure to eat at least three pieces a day, morning, mid day and evening to make sure you are giving your body the antioxidants it needs to last the entire day.  You can eat more than that, but eat at least three.  Concerned about the calorie content?  Don’t be!  This chocolate has no waxes or fillers, no processed sugars and is diabetic friendly and gluten free.

photo 2Order your Xocai the Healthy Chocolate Co. chocolates today at  You can also call us direct at (877) 208-8172 or email  Whatever you do, simple changes like increasing antioxidants can make a big difference.  Start eating your healthy chocolate today!

Inflammation Affects Every Aspect Of Your Health by Dr. David M. Marquis, DC, DACBN,

People Are Catching The Vision; Change Your Chocolate Change Your Life

Talk about exciting times!  People are getting the vision, my phones are ringing off the hook with people asking how they can order their wealth pack and get started with the Xocai healthy chocolate business.  This new wealth pack is the easiest way to get in the business, just $499 gets you started with all your products, a website, back office and more.  Even better the support you receive from your upline is amazing.

Why is there such a buzz about this long time network marketing debt free company?  The new wealth coding bonus is taking commissions and the compensation plan to a new level.  If you want money in your pocket quickly with an upstanding company who has been in business for ten years and is debt free, you have found the ultimate opportunity.

The Xocai MXI Wealth Pack option is available on May 4th, 2015.  Contact me to get your advance order in so you can start your business and take your future beyond what you imagined possible.   Give me a call now at (877) 208-8172, email me at or visit my site at