Hope for the SW Florida Unemployed If this is your first visit to my Punta Gorda healthy chocolate blog, let me introduce myself. I am Lynette Henk. I joined the Well Beyond Chocolate XO organization in May, 2010. My XO team is called Power Team. I am based in Punta Gorda and also share XO antioxidant chocolate in Port Charlotte, Punta Gorda, and North Port.

You don’t need to have a sales background to have your own XO healthy chocolate business. There are successful North Port XO members from all walks of life. My own Punta Gorda XO team is a diverse group in terms of age, interests, and work history. Each Port Charlotte XO team member has leveraged their unique skills to build their antioxidant chocolate business.

What is your skill set? Is your strength being an effective communicator? Are you a Port Charlotte project manager who is good at making a plan and systematically accomplishing each necessary step to complete it? Have you excelled at providing North Port customer service? Are you a problem solver? Is your background in education? Are you a Punta Gorda stay-at-home mother who wants to spend most of your time caring for your children? Perhaps you are still in college; the XO opportunity is perfect for college students.

If you are interested in supplementing your Punta Gorda income, I recommend building your own Punta Gorda healthy chocolate business. If you are excited about XO healthy chocolate and want to tell others about the health benefits of antioxidants, you will succeed as a XO member.

XO founder and President Jeanette L. Brooks welcomes everyone to the Punta Gorda XO organization. She has a passion for improving peoples’ lives by providing a lucrative SW Florida financial opportunity. Jeanette and her XO product development team have done the difficult part already. They have developed a revolutionary antioxidant chocolate that is a potent health food. You don’t need to start a revolution, but a thriving XO home-based business can revolutionize your families’ financial situation.

If you would like more information about the SW Florida XO opportunity, let’s get together to talk about it. You can email me from my Contact Page or call me at 941-216-5727 to set up an informal meeting.

Thanks for visiting my Power Team blog.