XO MLM Secrets From Punta Gorda The Kuna Indians of Panama live both on the mainland and on a chain of islands in the Caribbean. The Kuna who live on the islands have retained their traditional culture which includes a diet rich in unprocessed cacao.

Most island-dwelling Kuna drink several cups of cocoa a day. Unlike people in developed nations, as the Kunas age, they don’t experience a rise in blood pressure. The westernized Kuna who live in Panama City do not consume cocoa daily and do not enjoy a lower rate of hypertension. (see Medical News Today)

Harvard Medical School professor of radiology Norman Hollenberg believes the island Kunas’ heart health is due to the antioxidants contained in the unprocessed cacao.

XO X Power Squares are made with cacao that is blanched, unfermented, sun-dried, non-roasted and cold-pressed, which means it boasts eight times the levels of epicatechins and catechins, and four times the levels of procyandins than cacao produced with standard processing.

Many people in the SW Florida area eat chocolate daily. Unfortunately, the processing methods used to make Snickers, Kit Kat, Hershey and the like strip the cocoa of its original nutrients. These popular brands of SW Florida chocolate also contain high levels of saturated fat, your heart’s worst enemy.

If you are a Punta Gorda chocolate addict who is worried about hypertension, you should try delicious XO Power Squares. XO Power Squares provide a guilt-free chocolate fix.

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