Xovita Competitive Advantage In Punta Gorda Mxi Corps’ “Secret Antioxidant Sauce or Blend” now has a trademarked name, creative logo and is being newly branded to Punta Gorda Florida as yet another XO proprietary competitive advantage for Punta Gorda Florida Independent XO members!

It’s called XO Xovita, and everyone in the Punta Gorda area will love it!

You can learn more about Xovita on my website at http://liveforchocolate.com, or visit the Well Beyond Corp official Xovita web page.

As the category creator and world leader in healthy chocolate, the vision of Well Beyond Corp is to transform and improve lives in Punta Gorda and worldwide through its unique and healthy chocolate products.

Through ‘Life’s Perfect Blend‘, XoVita XO products cover broad class of nutrients known to benefit the body in a variety of ways and consistently have the highest ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) and Flavanoid content among antioxidant products today.

What is XoVita?
XoVita is an exclusive and proprietary high-antioxidant blend of Cacao, Acai and Blueberries.

Cacao is rich in several different phytonutrients, many of which are lacking in today’s modern diet. Cacao boasts the highest antioxidant content of any known food, and countless studies have demonstrated its health-promoting properties.

Acai (ah-sigh-ee) berry is a high-energy fruit harvested on cooperative farms from a unique Amazonian palm tree, and has been utilized by natives of that region for centuries in a variety of ways. This nutrient-packed berry has been heralded by various doctors, health professionals and celebrities for its unusually high levels of antioxidant compounds.

The Power of Blue! Blueberries consistently rank very high in antioxidants compared to other fruits and plants. They are bursting with nutrients and flavor, yet very low in calories. Blueberries continue to be one of the best choices to include in a healthy diet.

Ready to learn more about Xovita? Give me a call at 941-216-5727 and I’ll tell you all about it!