Homemade Activities For Punta Gorda Kids

It shouldn’t cost a fortune to get your Punta Gorda kids fun, educational toys this Christmas. Here at the Punta Gorda Children’s Health Blog we want to provide parents with some ideas to keep their young children’s minds healthy that are easy on the budget. This homemade activity for toddlers uses an egg carton and encourages development of fine motor skills.  This is a big deal for those dealing with sensory issues or that are developmentally delayed.

You’ll need:
Empty egg carton
Plastic Easter eggs, in assorted colors
Card stock, or other heavy paper
Puff balls, in assorted colors

Many of these supplies are probably already in your Naples area homes. For the rest, they can easily be found at the Sarasota, Tampa, or Orlando dollar store.

Naples parents can take the card stock, cut it into cards, and draw an egg shape on each card. Then color each egg in a different color-combination. Have your kids draw a card, and when they see they color combination, they’ll take the plastic eggs from the carton and assemble the same combination from the eggs.

Your Punta Gorda children will have fun while keeping their minds active and healthy as they practice learning their colors and copying color patterns.

Another great holiday activity for Naples kids is to have them put red or green colored puff balls inside the same color of egg. For safety, make sure the puff balls aren’t a choking hazard.

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