Not really sure why I came up with the title Death and Donuts. I guess it was because a good friend of mine recently passed away this week and she used to eat lots of sugar. She enjoyed sweets, donuts and sugary treats. She died of cancer but it got me to thinking if enjoying a Dunkin Donuts Donut or a Krispy Kreme Donut here or a sugary sweet treat there is actually bad for you. I decided to do some research on the issue and this is what I found.  

Amber Isley of the Mayo Clinic answered the question about sugar and cancer in this Chicago Tribune article. She states “Sugar alone doesn’t cause cancer. Eating too much sugar, though, can lead to other conditions associated with an increased risk of cancer. If you’re trying to reduce your cancer risk, the best strategy is to make healthy lifestyle choices, including limiting sugar consumption.”

Simple healthy lifestyle choices we make today can help us protect our health tomorrow. I guess moderation is the key. You can enjoy the Krispy Kreme or Dunkin Donuts Donut as long as you balance that with healthy food choices.

I for one will continue to feed my family high antioxidant foods including XO Cold Pressed Chocolate which is packed with the antioxidant sand flavonoids we need.

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