The Influenza Epidemic has scared parents of college students throughout the country.  So far however, California has not yet peaked as far as flu cases unlike New York.  Because of the delay, it is possible that the risk will be less at Private University Stanford near Palo Alto.  It is really too soon to tell and the best advice is to protect yourself.   This year has been unusually difficult because of the increase in the Influenza virus risk across the country.

Stanford University students have a rigorous class schedule as it is between keeping up with classes, homework, exams and projects. One of the most serious concerns about living on the Stanford campus housing is the risk of serious illness due to the significant student population. Parents are concerned over how best to protect their college students. from illness while they are away at college.

Stanford University college students are focused on their education and don’t always making eating a balanced diet the top priority.  Parents can help protect their student by ensuring they are eating enough antioxidant rich fruits and vegetables. The stronger their immune system, the better their chance of fighting off colds and flu. A simple solution is to provide your student with high antioxidant cold pressed chocolate.

The health benefits of dark chocolate have been studied for years and written in prestigious medical journals.  It is important to note that not all chocolate is the same.  It is important to look for cold pressed high antioxidant chocolate like XO Healthy Chocolate.  Their high antioxidant content values are listed on each box of their products and are regularly reviewed by Brunswick Labs, the company the government uses to determine antioxidant values. 

Simply enjoying three XO Power Squares a day will give you the antioxidant benefit of 49,464 ORACfn and 1,740 flavonoids as verified by Brunswick Labs.  This is significant and is much easier than trying to get a college student to eat their 8-10 servings of fruits and vegetables per day. Since the XO Chocolate does not have waxes, fillers and processed sugars, it is nothing like the processed candy chocolate you find in stores that has been heated or dutched losing much of the antioxidant values.

Stanford Students deserves XO healthy chocolate this Valentines Day. Our Stanford Care package variety pack includes a small box of all four solid chocolate varieties of XO Healthy Chocolate sale priced for just $124.95 shipped through Valentines Day. My son who is a freshman in college enjoys the power square and Xobiotic chocolate. Even though his roommate was seriously ill with the flu, he has remained healthy. I credit the increased antioxidants that he is receiving in XO chocolate.

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Lynette Henk is a mom of a freshman in college and XO healthy chocolate member. She can be reached at 941-216-5727, via email [email protected] or at her site