photo 4I am not a fan of a long commute and getting stuck in traffic. Somehow the worst days to be stuck in traffic are Monday and Friday.  As the beginning of the week starts, there is so much to accomplish and sitting in traffic eating up the gas gets old quickly. A commute from the St. Charles area to downtown Chicago or a commute from West Chicago to Barrington, Illinois is a lengthy one and that is assuming you are not in the midst of a cold winter where it rains, then the ice melts on the road and then it snows on top. No, I don’t miss those days.

What can you do? Most of us are not independently wealthy and we actually need to work to make a living and pay our bills. Is a long commute the only option? There are the lucky few that find a job within 5 minutes of their home. There are others who are able to convince their employers to allow them to telecommute or work from home a few days out of the week. For the rest of us, we are stuck with an ungodly long commute that tears away our time with family, friends and loved ones.

I believe that is why home based businesses have been so successful. Right now I am out by the pool on my lanai as I write this blog post. I believe when I am done I will take a dip in the pool. A lot less stressful and way more relaxing than sitting on I-55 stuck in a parking lot of traffic.

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