It is clear that individuals who are positive people do better in sales.  In the Success magazineOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA article Hopkins:  Tips for Facing A Challenging Sales Cycle, Tom Hopkins is quoted as saying “Your positive attitude is a precious asset—protect it. Work on getting everyone you can to be proactive about being positive. Ask your family or roommates to look for good news to share. Post positive quotes or sayings around the house. You may not be able to have a major influence on what happens outside your home, but you certainly can set the tone for what happens inside it.”

If you have a positive attitude and believe in yourself, it is clear that you will meet more success.  If you find that you are not surrounded by positive people, it may behoove you to make changes and be with people that are supportive and positive.  A “Debby Downer” will affect you.  It really is true, one bad apple spoils the bunch.  An apple that is  infested with mold will contaminate the fruit around it.  This then contaminates the apples around them, until it spreads through the whole basket of apples. That is why it is important to sort fruit and remove any blemished apples. One small cut can start the process of rot.

The same is true of your friends and associates.  In sales, it is vital for your success to remain2 positive and upbeat.  If you find that you are hanging around with people that are poisoning your team, department, family, friends etc., it is important that you take proactive action and limit the risk by protecting yourself.  It may sound harsh, but if you surround yourself with people that bring you down, it is likely to affect your personal and professional life.  I am all for supporting others through difficult times as an act of charity, but in regards to sales you must stay focused on the goal and surround yourself with positive people.   “Sooner or later, those who win are those who think they can.”  Paul Tournier

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