Belleair residents who are looking for aerobics or group exercise, will be happy to know that they may qualify for a free gym membership at the Dimmitt Community Center.

First off, you must be receiving Social Security benefits and qualify for Medicare.  If you picked a Medicare Advantage Plan for 2013, it is likely you are eligible for this free health club membership.  Check the list below to see if your Florida insurance company plan is listed below.

If your plan is listed, you qualify for this free Florida health care benefit through the Silver Sneakers program.  This is a perfect way to get some exercise and stay fit.  

Here is the list of  Florida Medicare Advantage Plans that include the Silver Sneaker plan:

The Belleair Rec Center is included in the free healthclub membership offer.  Here is the address and phone number:

Dimmitt Community Center

Address: 918 Osceola Rd.   Belleair, FL 33756
Phone: (727) 518-3728

Lynette Henk is a XO member who loves to share the health benefits of healthy chocolate.  She can be reached at 941-216-5727, at her email address [email protected] or at her website