Dr. Gordon Pedersen Shares How to Neutralize Free Radicals by Eating Dark Chocolate: Dark Chocolates Can Be Good For You More reasons to eat dark healthy chocolateHave you ever heard anyone say you just paid the stupid tax? If you are a fan of Dave Ramsey, well respected Financial counselor who has helped many families regarding the importance of being debt free, you will hear him say this often. Basically a stupid tax is a cost you pay for a financial mistake you have made.

An example of a tax that some may call stupid would be buying a timeshare vacation property. Once you no longer want it or can’t use it, you quickly find the timeshare resort property is not worth that much to resell.   The cost of that learning experience is what some call a stupid tax. The bottom line is we learn from our mistakes. Dave Ramsey may call it a stupid tax. COO Stephen Hall, Vice President of Well Beyond Corporation refers to this as “High Cost For Low Living Tax”. There are many kinds of taxes we end up paying. Have you ever signed a contract and did not realize that certain details were included and those ultimately cost you money? That is an example of a low living tax or a stupid tax.

A stupid or a low living tax is really another way to say financial mistakes we have made that have cost us dearly. In our lifetime it is likely that we will have all made these stupid mistakes. What we do with them, what we learn from them and how we avoid them in the future determines what kind of person we become.

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