Skin Care Business Tips

Once people find out about the Beyond Beauty Cream skin care line in Naples, they quickly see the potential for a successful home based business.  A cacao based skin care business is in demand. Beyond Beauty Cream is the newest addition to the anti-aging line for Well Beyond Healthy Chocolate products.  We already know that dark chocolate is good for us.  Beyond healthy chocolate in particular is cold pressed and not heated like traditional chocolate.  This allows the Beyond chocolate to have a higher antioxidant content than store bought chocolate that contains waxes, fillers and processed sugars. 

Reverse the aging process with  Beyond Beauty Cream cacao based antioxidant skin care.  The first cacao based anti-aging skin care with “neurocosmetic”  and mood enhancing benefits. 

Why Cacao

Beyond Beauty Cream has perfected the science behind preserving cacao’s rich, natural nutrient base and combining it with other proven ingredients for never-before-seen anti-aging skin care. The result? You’ll enjoy all of cacao’s natural goodness on the inside and out to help you feel and look better than ever.

Now is the perfect time to start your Beyond Beauty Cream home based business.  Not only can you share the anti-aging benefits with others, this cacao based skin care business offers a lucrative opportunity in a growing market.  The Beyond Beauty Cream pre-launch is happening right now in Japan.  Expansion across the country is happening due to demand for this product line. Make sure that you are in position to maximize your potential for the Beyond neurocosmetic skincare line and Beauty Cream.  Their is no skin care product on the market like this.  Don’t miss the opportunity to get involved.  Team leaders are needed.  Start your Beyond Beauty Cream business affordably now.

I am Lynette Henk, Beyond Beauty Cream home based business owner.  I can be reached directly at 941-676-7300, at lynettehenk@ or at my website