As a mom of three boys, we always had to balance our time with each child. Ultimately what each of our children craved was the desire to have that alone time with mom or dad. In our family that often meant going out with Mommy & Daddy and just one child. That child was able to pick the event they wanted to do and we would all do it. Maybe it was going to their favorite restaurant and talking about whatever they wanted to talk about it. Maybe it was bowling, a favorite movie or a trip to the park.  Whatever it was, it was their time, their choice, their fun.  

Having that special time with your child is something they won’t forget. If possible have mom take out one child and dad take out another. Rotate so every child always gets equal attention.

If you want to do something worthwhile for your child, make them feel important. Let them know they matter and that you want to spend individual time with them. It will be one of the best moments for them as well as you.

Enjoy your children for they grow up quickly. Don’t wait for tomorrow. Do it today.   Visit me at, call me at 941-216-5727 or email lynette @