SW Florida Health Chocolate Hi, I am Punta Gorda XO blogger Lynette Henk. Today’s post explores the link between CRP levels, inflammation and heart disease. What is CRP? CRP is a measure of C-reactive protein in the blood. You can get your CRP tested when you get your cholesterol measured. A high level of CRP tells you that inflammation is present in your body.

The health dangers of inflammation are well established. If your blood vessels are inflamed, you may be at risk for heart disease. A high CRP level can occur even if no other heart disease risk factors are present. The Mayo Clinic has an article on this if you want to read more.

What does this have to do with XO health chocolate?

Antioxidants lower CRP levels, thereby reducing inflammation. The main ingredient in XO healthy chocolate is cacao. Cacao is the #1 Antioxidant Food.

The National Institute of Aging conducted a study in 2004 which found a link between antioxidant supplements and lower CRP levels. According to the researchers: “taking an antioxidant supplement was associated with CRP levels similar to those seen in those who exercised 180 minutes/week or more and did not take supplements.

I am certainly not recommending that you stop exercising. I just wanted to point out that the NIA study showed just how effective antioxidant supplements are in reducing CRP levels even in people who do not exercise. Obviously, the best combination for heart health is antioxidant consumption coupled with regular exercise.

How do I get my antioxidants? XO healthy chocolate, of course! Of all the antioxidant-rich foods available in SW Florida, XO dark chocolate is the most delicious and satisfying.

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