dis11Do you remember back to when you first got married and could not wait to start a family? I do. I remember years and years of infertility treatments and thinking that our next step would be adoption. My husband and I made it through that ordeal and have three wonderful boys that I would not trade for the world. When our children are little, everything milestone they reach is such a big deal. We can’t wait to go to our children’s events and try to focus on being involved at school.

At some point, the stress of life and our high powered jobs seems to limit our ability to parent as we would like. We would love to spend more time with our children, but often the demands of our career make that an impossible goal.

It is amazing how things in our lives can change your perspective at the drop of a hat. When my brother died unexpectedly at 42, our world and the world of his children changed forever. i remember my brother and his kids took a road trip and had a blast. They were planning the next road trip when he died. Life is short, kids grow up and the time we have to spend with them is limited. Take the time to focus on your children. There are many options even if you have a limited availability. Just a few hours for lunch, a day to spend at a museum or a Disney amusement park, a weekend getaway doing the things they enjoy or a nice long leisurely vacation, any of these will provide the family time that your children crave. These are the memories they will have to remember for a lifetime.

I am Lynette Henk, Advocate for children and XO Healthy Chocolate member. I shareenglewood-blind-pass-park-beach-1_small1 healthy chocolate and help others grow their healthy chocolate home business. I can be reached at 941-216-5727, at [email protected] or at MyChocolateSolution.com.