Last evening, I had the opportunity to hear John McDermott, a Wall Street financial analyst for over 30 years, share his review of an opportunity in the specific business category of health and wellness.  Well known for his financial advice, he was sharing his take on a business venture with absolutely no competition.  He went on to say that this is virtually unheard of in the confines of Wall Street.

The average family today earns income in the $70,000 range.  That is not really enough income to live the way you would like and not have to plan paycheck to paycheck.  If you fall into this category or if you are tired of the demands of your corporate job, you really need to think twice about what John McDermott has to say.  He has an interesting take on a new market that is expected to take off within the next one to two years.

I was able to record this vital John McDermott call about his take on this industry career for my readers.  Take the time now and listen to his take on this opportunity and why he calls it a money machine.

Listen to John McDermott’s call here.

wpid-lynette.pngI am Lynette Henk and currently work in the industry John McDermott mentioned.  After listening to John’s call, be sure to contact me at 941-216-5727 or visit my website Those that respond prior to June 1st are eligible for additional benefits.