Most of us are not fans of grocery shopping. Trying to shop for healthy and slimming foods is a challenge when you are dieting in Miami Tampa or at South Beach.  So many of us have chosen to diet for the start of the 2013 New Year and so this is a concern.  

There are things we can remember to make sure we don’t stock up on sweets while at the store. I highly recommend that you eating before shopping. If you go to the grocery store hungry you are liable to come home with all the kinds of food choices you will later regret like pastries, donuts, cakes, bakery items, ice cream and more. Another way to make sure you are only shopping for the healthy items you are going to want to eat is to make a list and stick to it. Do not buy anything that is not on your list.

There are simple things we can do to help us reach our weight loss and health goals. One of those is keeping unhealthy snacks and desserts out of our way. Instead choose healthy options like fruits, frozen yogurt and healthy dark chocolate. I purchase my chocolate from a company called Well Beyond Chocolate who makes the XO Healthy Chocolate with the patented cold pressed chocolate process that makes this a high antioxidant superfood. Best part? Their XO Power Squares are only 33 calories each. Best way to shop is to enjoy some XO Healthy Chocolate before you head to the store.

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