If you are exploring the world of 23andMe where you can get your DNA Ancestry kit for just $99, you have just opened up your world to a glimpse of your future.  I had debated ordering my Raw Genetic Health Data but was not sure I wanted to spend the $99 to do that.  My family has had some health issues and my only brother died at 42.  I had questions and honestly felt like I need Dr. House to figure everything out.  Since I don’t have a physician like Dr. House, I felt I needed to be my own detective and honestly this is one of the best ways to learn some information about your own DNA.

My mom has been interested in genealogy for years and honestly it was not that important to me at the time.  I was happy for my mom when she found out some exciting link to the family lineage but I guess I just did not get it.  Now that I have completed my 23andme DNA Ancestry kit, I totally get it.  I found out I have third cousins I did not even know about.  I also found out about Haplogroups and that I am part of Haplogroup H24.  According to 23 and me, “Maternal haplogroups are families of mitochondrial DNA types that all trace back to a single mutation at a specific place and time.”  It really is quite interesting.

You receive the raw genetic information from 23andme, and you take this raw information to receive a readable form that your doctor can review.  I found that MTHFRsupport has a great option called Sterlings App .  With this app and $30, this is a great resource for your doctor.  You can also go to Promethease and order your report for $5.  This includes any studies or information on any defective or bad genes that you may have. This gives you all kinds of information I hate to use the word “Bad” or “Defective” because really this glimpse of our Dna is just a road map to guide us on how best to take care of ourselves.

rippe1-225x300One thing I have learned since I have received my raw genetic information is that I can take control of what is in my Dna.  Yes, I may have risk factors and things that run in my family but there are actually things we can do to improve our outcome.  Let’s say you are at risk for cardiovascular disease, simply making changes to improve your heart health can be key into a longer healthier life.  So once you review your dna, don’t lose heart when you find there are health concerns.  Take the time to review your information in detail and realize there are things that can improve your health.  Without getting into my personal DNA, there were things that I found and the best option for me was to increase my antioxidants greatly to improve my health.  Thankfully I have been eating Beyond healthy chocolate products for the last five years.  This healthy chocolate has an ORACfn (antioxidant) score that is off the charts.  In addition, I became aware that I had weak bones and my recent 23andme report confirmed the link.  By improving my diet, I was able to reverse my severe osteoporosis.  I started having a high antioxidant protein shake every morning that gave me the complete nutrition I needed.

If you are looking into your DNA there is likely a reason.  When my brother died at 42, and our family and extended family was dealing with serious health issues, it only made sense to check it out.  I learned that I may need to take certain specific forms of vitamins, increase my antioxidants and eat a healthy diet.  These are things we can do.  If you have not checked out your DNA, you may find it is very beneficial.

In the meantime, make sure you are eating a healthy diet.  Something as simple as changing your chocolate to healthy chocolate can make a difference.  Eating high antioxidant superfoods, taking the right supplements for your specific body, getting enough exercise, these are the things we can do.  Remember your DNA is just a roadmap into your future.  Just because you are more prone to have an issue does not mean you actually will.  You control your destiny, literally.

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