Is Juicing Better For Naples Kids?

Naples health trends come and go and I have recently noticed that the practice of juicing fruits and vegetables has made its way back into the Florida children’s nutrition spotlight.

In my experience, I have found that the only Naples and Babcock Ranch parents who have been successful at making their own super-healthy juices over the long term are Naples vegetarians who dedicate a lot of daily time to preparing their food.

Most Naples people who buy an expensive juicer use it for a few weeks before it is relegated to the back shelf of the pantry. Though juicing provides a way to improve your children’s nutrition, it can be time-consuming and expensive. After buying fresh fruits and vegetables, it can cost several dollars to make one glass. Of course, if you have ever tasted fruit and vegetable juices made fresh, you know how delicious they are. For many Naples parents, this is worth every minute and every dollar spent.

Does juicing provide more nutrition than eating whole fruits and vegetables?

I haven’t come across any convincing evidence of this but I do see the value for Naples parents whose kids enjoy drinking juice more than eating whole fruits and vegetable. Mixing vegetables with sweet fruits in a juice can disguise their taste and make them more palatable than the same vegetables raw or cooked.

Naples parents who would like to start juicing should keep in mind the fact that juicing usually removes all the fiber from the fruits and veggies used. A glass of fresh juice also contains a lot of calories!  I started my kids on the Beyond protein shake that is chock full of antioxidants and cocoa flavonoids while low in sugar content. I also give them Beyond power and xobiotic square chocolates. One piece is equal in antioxidants to over 1 pound of raw spinach but tastes great. Easy to get the kids to comply!

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Lynette Henk

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