Concerns about the Influenza Epidemic  have parents across the country concerned about the risk to their college students.  This is especially true at the University of Chicago where the bitter cold winter has finally taken hold.  Temperatures in Chicago are set to remain cold with more snow expected.  Considering the student population is at considerable risk for flu, cold virus and infection, no wonder parents have concerns.  

The best advice parents can tell their University of Chicago students is to protect yourself by eating enough fruits and vegetables and making sure to wash your hands regularly.   2013 has been unusually difficult for the flu because of the increase in the Influenza virus risk across the country.

University of Chicago students don’t have time to worry about what to eat as they are focused on classes, homework, exams and their Illinois college projects.  One of the most serious concerns about living in the dorm on the University of Chicago campus is the risk of catching the mutant flu virus due to the significant student population. Parents concerned over how to protect their college students from illness while they are away at college are trying to figure out how best to strengthen their immune systems.

University of Chicago students can protect themselves by taking a daily multi-vitamin and eating antioxidant rich foods.  Since college students don’t have the time to get the 8-10 servings of fruits and vegetables each day, many choose to eat Cold Pressed Dark Chocolate instead. The stronger a student’s immune system, the better their chance of fighting off colds and flu.

The health benefits of dark chocolate have been regularly discussed in the media.  XO Healthy Chocolate is the solution to getting the antixodant’s you need in an easy and tasty way. It is important to make sure you are purchasing cold pressed high antioxidant chocolate and not the candy chocolate filled with waxes and fillers like you buy in the grocery store.  The high antioxidant content values are listed on each box of their products and are regularly reviewed by Brunswick Labs, the company the government uses to determine antioxidant values.

Enjoying just three XO Power Squares a day give you the antioxidant benefit of 49,464 ORACfn and 1,740 flavonoids as verified by Brunswick Labs.  This is so much easier than trying to get a college student to eat their 8-10 servings of fruits and vegetables per day.

Treat your University of Chicago student with a XO healthy chocolate car package this Valentines Day. Our University of Chicago Care package variety pack includes a small box of all four solid chocolate varieties of XO Healthy Chocolate sale priced for just $124.95 shipped through Valentines Day. My son is a freshman in college and he enjoys the power square and Xobiotic chocolate. Even though his roommate was ill with the flu, he remains healthy. I believe increasing antioxidants helped to keep him healthy during flu season.

You can order the University of Chicago Student Care package Valentines Day Special at, or save 20% and receive free shipping on all of our other XO products including the Xe Healthy Energy Drink. 

Lynette Henk is a mom of a college student and a XO healthy chocolate member. She can be reached at 941-216-5727, via email [email protected] or at her site