changeyourchocolate1Chocolate Obsessed!

A Healthy chocolate obsession can be a good thing. It took me a while to figure it out but finally I know the truth. If you were like me, you might have thought you had to avoid candy to stay healthy and slim. Why didn’t anyone tell me there is a healthy belgian chocolate that tastes great and is good for me. Who was hiding the goods? I can honestly say that I have had a Healthy Chocolate OBSESSION for over six years now.

Kind of funny, because before this Chocolate obsession, I had not been eating chocolate for over 20 years.  I tried to stay away from chocolate and sweets as much as possible because I have always been heavy and I could not eat that many “wasted” calories.  Ok, there was that one time in high school where I decided I would be smart and lose the weight.  I had been a heavy middle schooler and not very popular because of it.  As a kid, you want to do about anything to fit in so I decided I would starve myself.

Not a fan of breakfast, so I skipped that.  At lunch time, I drank a Tab.  Remember that soda drink?  That was what was popular before Diet Coke.  I think I might have eaten some dinner, can’t really remember.  All I know is I did lose weight, and everyone said I looked great.  Now I did break a few bones but hey, it’s all for a good cause. NOT.

Finally getting older and wiser

I get older and smarter and realize starving yourself is not the way to go.  I did the Atkins diet for years and lost well over 100 pounds but it did not seem healthy to me and long term I just could not commit.  So I have been generally heavy most of my life.  So the thought of eating CHOCOLATE?  No way, I already was heavy.  Why in the world would I want to be any heavier?

I already don’t drink.  I mean do you know how many calories are in a pretty umbrella drink?  I skip the Starbucks as just one of those is high in calories.  I gave up soda and literally just drink water, the occasional XE trm healthy energy drink and rarely I drink unsweet iced tea.  (And no I don’t do sweeteners)

Even with all this, I never got to my perfect weight.

So I decided HEALTHY was a much better option.

I may not be model thin, but my doctor is happy with my blood pressure, cholesterol and all that important stuff.  My severe osteoporosis is gone and I have not broken a bone in years.  (I have broken 10 if you count the dislocated elbow)

So this is why I am happy to say I have a healthy chocolate obsession.  I believe we are not all supposed to be a size 2.  We come in all different sizes, shapes and colors.  God made us all in his image and I am good with that.  It took me to age 51 to figure it out but better late than never. A Healthy chocolate obsession is ok!

No Guilt!

So now back to this Healthy Chocolate.  I came across the Healthiest Chocolate in the World over six years ago and have been eating it ever since.  My favorite chocolates are the power squares, just 35 calories each and the Xobiotic squares with probiotics.  I also love the Beyond  chocolate protein shake.  It has been my breakfast for over 3 years and I believe it is the reason I no longer have osteoporosis.  I refused the Osteoporosis meds and decided to go with a healthier option.  I am consistent.  I have never skipped the shake.  My favorite recipe to date is the 1 cup Silk unsweet vanilla almond milk, 1 cup ice and 2 scoops of the Beyond shake.  I love it!

If you are looking to make some small changes that can have a big impact, eating Beyond Healthy Chocolate might be just what you need.  Now before you run out to the grocery store and get the darkest, most bitter chocolate thinking it is going to help, listen up.

My Chocolate obsession runs deep.

All CHOCOLATE is not the same.  Yes, DARK CHOCOLATE is good for you but before you run to your favorite grocery store or Chocolate shop, know that all chocolate is not the same.  It is important to have chocolate that does not heat.  This means it is not heated and dutched for days to get rid of the bitterness.  Unfortunately all this heating is bad for the health benefits in chocolate.  It is the flavanols and antioxidants and epichicaticins that are so powerful in Chocolate that is not heated.

Beyond Chocolate is the Healthiest Chocolate In The World.  It uses a patented process to NOT HEAT the Chocolate.  It is made with no waxes, fillers, processed sugars.  It is even Diabetic Friendly, Gluten Free, Vegetarian, Diet Friendly and No GMO.  

Jeanette Brooks, Founder of Beyond Healthy Chocolate Co. has her own personal story with this chocolate that helped her deal with her Diabetes and Weight.  Check out her short video below and you will quickly see this is not just any candy, Beyond Chocolate is something special.  Something powerful.

Once you realize this Healthy Chocolate is the real deal, you will eat it at least three times a day.  For me I eat my power square with a glass of water 20-30 minutes before a meal to curb cravings.  I have lost weight eating chocolate and personally improved my health.  My autistic son has done very well on Beyond products even improving his mood swings which is huge for an autistic adult.  If weight is not an issue, simply enjoy a piece of chocolate morning, mid day and evening.

Once you eat the chocolate, if it helps will you share it with others?

Of course.  Most of us want to help others as well.

Simply sharing this chocolate can be a blessing to others and a serious Business Opportunity for you.

I love getting paid well to share Beyond Healthy Chocolate.  If you are looking to work from home, remote, this may be the perfect Business Opportunity for you.  

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