Admit it, you have been debating when you should buy that dream home in Florida for years.  Now that you are in the midst of a snowstorm and the cold weather is aggravating your arthritis, thoughts of retirement seem more realistic and urgent.

Do you start collecting your social security benefits at age 65 or do you wait and claim a higher benefit amount?  There are benefits to both theories but choosing to wait has its own risks as well.  Will house prices continue to rise.  Is it cheaper to sell now and buy the retirement home of your dreams in Florida, Arizona or California?  These are all valid questions that need to be answered.

The problem is, as much as we would all like to retire, we realize that our social security income alone and limited pension benefits are not going to be enough to comfortably retire.  Many individuals have come to the conclusion that a secondary source of income will be needed.  If you are not looking to work a part time job in the retail industry, perhaps the option is right at your door.  Starting a home based business is certainly something to consider.  You have the flexibility to work the hours you want and can work from the comfort of home.   Finding the right business opportunity will take a little due diligence on your part.  When you find the right opportunity that can provide you the monthly income you need, then you know that your retirement goals are in reach.

When I started my home business,  I researched the company I was interested in.  I liked the fact that they were debt free.  The company has now been in business over 7 years and I liked the product line.  This company offered something that you cannot find in stores.  A niche market.  This is why I decided to go with XO Healthy Chocolate.  It gave me the opportunity to earn the income I needed while helping others.  To me it is the best of both worlds.  Contact me and let me show you how you can get started today.  Use coupon code 6684 for additional free product.

Lynette Henk is a XO healthy chocolate member.  She is available at 941-216-5727, at [email protected] or at her website