Now that it is January of 2013, we hear much talk about New Years Resolution. In fact you may have been asked what is your New Years Resolution? Do you have one? 

Recently there was a Facebook discussion on my facebook page where a group was asked what their New Years Resolution was. Most said they either did not believe in New Years Resolutions or that they would not work.

I for one believe I can do anything I put my mind to. I believe you can do that as well. So if you have a goal and you set out to meet that goal I believe you can and will be successful if you have the drive to succeed.

Just like my New Years Resolution, my drive to succeed will help me reach my goal. My resolution this year is to lose the rest of the weight I have been burdened with. I am tired of being saddled with excess weight and I have decided NOW is the time to lose the weight. Will I be successful? I believe so.

What is your New Years Resolution? Set a goal and define how you are going to reach that goal. If you make a realistic goal and believe that you can accomplish the goal, then I believe you also will be successful in meeting or exceeding your New Years Resolution. Here is to a Happy and Prosperous 2013 & to each of us meeting or exceeding our New Years Resolutions!

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