I have been obsessed with XO Healthy Chocolate products for about three years now.  It started when I walked into a local Port Charlotte North Port area Florida Health Food Store.  There I met Rita, who explained to me about the health benefits of cold pressed dark chocolate.  I will be honest, I was skeptical.  I have been heavy most of my life and chocolate was one of the things I avoided like the plague because of its high calorie content.

The first thing that really got me was that I could eat this XO Power Square which buy  the way tastes amazing, and it was only 33 calories. Now 33 calories I can do.  Even better, this scrumptious bit of yumminess tastes absolutely heavenly and it actually curbs my cravings and helps me lose weight.  Wow! To say I was sold is an understatement!

I have been ordering the Chocolates for some time now and I just have to share this easy way to get your product absolutely Free.  Obviously once I started seeing health benefits and weight loss because of the cold pressed chocolate, my friends were wondering what was going on.  When I explained it to them, they jumped on board.  Well, with this Preferred Customer Program, when you share this with your friends, you can get your product for freeAll you pay is shipping!

Basically this is how it works.  You sign up for the auto renewal program.  This means you get a product of your choice every month.  During that month before the auto renewal runs, you have three people order as preferred customers.  It will show up in your back office letting you know.  Once there are three individuals who are current preferred customers, you will get your auto ship item free.  How cool is that? 

Some people will choose to do this for a business and go on to earn significant commissions and bonuses, cruises, cars etc. but many just want their chocolate paid for.  There is nothing wrong with that!  Free Healthy Chocolate?  SOLD!

What to do next?  Sign up and pay the $39 annual membership fee.  (Renewal the next year is just $25) Choose how much chocolate you would like to order.  You will immediately receive your own personal healthy chocolate website that you can share with friends so they can order.  The best part?  Use coupon code 6684 and receive a Buy 2, Get 1 Free Deal on your XO Healthy Chocolate order through 3/17/13 @ LiveForChocolate.com.

Contact Lynette Henk @ 941-216-5727, [email protected] or  at LiveForChocolate.com with any questions.  I would love to help you get your healthy chocolate for free.