chocolate strawberryIt is possible to quickly start earning real income from home.  We are not talking $200-$500 a month, we are talking real money, $1500 the first week just to start.  All Home Based Businesses are not the same so this example will be based on the ability to earn $1500 your first week in business with the XO Healthy Chocolate business model.

First off, to start earning real cash, you need to sign up and join the business.  To get started you pay a $39 wholesale membership fee and choose how many products you would like to order.  Individuals serious about the business will choose to join as a business builder with a $39 fee and a one time commitment to order 6 products.  Expect to pay approximately $800 to get started.  (Tax deductible expense)  This will give you a back office, a website and everything you need to start earning cash right now.  Going forward there is a one monthly product smart order requirement in order to stay active in the business that qualifies you for commissions and other earnings. (Also tax deductible!)

The first thing you want to do is share XO products including the new Xophora anti-aging skin care cream with others.  Sign up 3 preferred customers who will order 1/2 to 1 product each.  When you have 3 preferred customers in your subscription month, you will qualify to receive your subscription free.  You are responsible for s/h.  Now that we have that out of the way, lets get started on your team.

When you first sign up, you make a list of everyone you would like to contact.  You are going to use that list to share with others about the business you just started.  Let them know that you are just starting out and you want their opinion on the business.  Make sure they know you picked them because you see their potential for success in this business and you want to work with them.  You will sign up three individuals as business builders, ths will be your team.

This will promote you to the Executive Team Elite level.  As an ETE, you will need to order 2 product per month to qualify for the Team Elite Development bonus.  (Get this product free as well by getting 3 more preferred customers!)  You now qualify for Team Elite Development bonuses that can provide serious income.  Simply sign up three customers and three business builders for your team to earn $1500 the first week!

Not only will you start to earn serious money, you can also help others improve their health and wealth.  Helping others build their teams helps your business grow as well.  This is a very simplified way to start your business, but one that will quickly have you earning an income in no time.2

Right now I have openings for three top individuals who are ready to grow their business and make some serious income.  These individuals will not only have access to my undivided support, they will also receive a free blog written for them each week that will be optimized for search engines for the first year, social media support to get up and running with facebook, twitter and pinterest and of course help setting up a website to start taking online orders.

At this point I can only take three top individuals who are ready to take their business to the next level.  We will not only be working towards earning a significant income but qualifying for the cruise in December that leaves out of Tampa, Florida.  This is a great resource to take your business to the top.

If you think that you are one of the top individuals I am looking for, contact me right away as we have lots of work to do.  Serious money takes serious work, if you are ready call me now at 941-216-5727, email me at [email protected] or visit my site,