Here is a little bit about me.  My name is Lynette Henk. I am a director and member for Well Beyond.  I am an experienced consultant, social media pro and mommy blogger. I used to work in the corporate world working for GE Capital and uBid Online Auction.  As a mom of three boys I decided to focus on my kids and wanted to enjoy the flexibility of working from home while raising my family.

I am originally from the western suburbs of Chicago, and now reside in Southwest Florida between Sarasota and Fort Myers in a little town called Punta Gorda.  I like to call myself a social media maven and believe I am well versed in the most popular social media sites including Pinterest, Linkedin, Facebook, Google+ and  Twitter.  I have an interest in helping others stay healthy after losing my only brother at age 42.  I am an advocate for individuals with special needs and have an interest in MTHFR gene defects.   As a health advocate, I work to help others learn ways to improve health through nutrition and increased antioxidants.   I love to coach individuals desiring to grow their network marketing business and to help others improve their health.   I am getting ready to start my new years resolution RIPPED & RICH weight loss plan and contest on January 2nd.  Join me!  I can be reached at 941-216-5727 or you can find me at

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