As our children go off to college, we would still love to protect them but know in our hearts it is up to them to make their own way.  Parents who love their children go out of their way to help them transition to college and dorm life.  One risk of living in a college campus dorm room is the increased illness rate.  With the Severe strains of the flu virus we have seen in 2013, parents are left wondering how they can best protect their college students.

Notre Dame winters are notorious for freezing cold temperatures. One of the best ways to protect your Notre Dame Student is to make sure they are eating enough antioxidant rich fruits and vegetables.   The stronger our immune system, the better our chance of fighting off the flu and other illnesses.  Since college students and nutrition may not be top priority when focused on classes, studying and exams, the easiest way to protect our kids may be high antioxidant cold pressed chocolate. 

Most of us have heard about the health benefits of dark chocolate.  What many do not realize is the type of chocolate you eat makes all the difference.  Choose a cold pressed high antioxidant chocolate like XO Healthy Chocolate.  Eating just three pieces of XO Xobiotic Squares gives you a TOTAL ORACfn score of 84,777 and 1,904 flavonoids.  This is more than many individuals eat in a week.  The bottom line is that our kids are most likely not eating the 8-10 servings of fruit and vegetables a day to stay healthy. 

An easy way for us to help our college students receive the antioxidants they need to stay healthy, is by sending them healthy chocolate.  If you want to maximize the antioxidant and flavonoid content, I would try the Xobiotic that includes a probiotic which will help to keep the digestive system healthy and to maintain a healthy intestional balance. 

Those on a budget may prefer the 33 calorie XO Power Square.  It is the most cost effective, with 138 pieces in a full box and is also available in a half box size.  Also available is our variety pack which includes a small box of all four solid chocolate varieties of XO Healthy Chocolate on sale for $124.95 shipped through Valentines Day.  My son started off his freshman year with these and added in 1 of the Xobiotic a day later in the semester.  Even though his roommate was quite ill with the flu, he has remained healthy.  I credit the increased antioxidants that he is receiving in XO chocolate.

Protect your kids so they can focus on learning and obtaining their degree.  Order at, save 20% and receive free shipping on your order.   

Lynette Henk is a mom of a freshman in college and XO healthy chocolate member.  She can be reached at 941-216-5727, via email [email protected] or at her site