I read an interesting article in the local Charlotte Sun Florida newspaper today. It was by Leanne Ely, a NYT best selling author and creator of SavingDinner.com. She was talking about how we actually treat our cars better than ourselves. I mean we get regular maintenance, feed it the right kind of fuel. We would never forget to change the oil and if the tire was almost flat, we would never think to run on a flat tire. We would immediately fill up the tires so they run optimally. As sad as this is, this analogy is so true. We do treat our cars better however cars can be replaced, our bodies, not so much. So how can you make sure your body gets the right fuel?

Leanne Ely goes on to say, “Because food is medicine and the bedrock of health. You cannot move the health needle in your life without making sure the food you’re eating is truly giving your body the exact nutrients it needs.” I have to say I completely agree with her. She goes on to talk about good foods and recommends not waiting til January 1st, 2018 to make changes but starting now. She also recommends a great soup, Mighty Mitochondria soup, which I think I am going to check out and make. It is a chilly day here in Southwest Florida. so soup is sounding absolutely wonderful today.

Ok, so we get it. We need to take better care of ourselves.

So, how in the world do you start doing that with Christmas and New Years right around the corner? Just think of all the holiday parties, work events, family gatherings and Christmas cookie baking that still needs to happen. I mean how can we balance it all? What has worked for me is starting slow. I started slowing changing my diet so I did not feel like I had to give up everything, stop going out to eat and running from events that feature food. I mean that is not living. Thankfully I found a product called Healthy Chocolate. Made by Well-Beyond and known as Beyond Healthy Chocolate, these chocolates are a functional food. Each piece of chocolate, averaging 30-35 calories a piece, is according to Well-Beyond LLC, “Beyond™ Healthy Chocolate® is a treasure-trove of vital nutrients and superior antioxidant protection to help you live a happier, healthier and more delicious life.” This beyond dark chocolate happens to taste amazing which is helpful and is full of antioxidants and flavonoids.

You think all chocolate is the same, not even close. What you need to watch for is how chocolate is made, how it is heated and then after processing, what do they add. Are they adding waxes, fillers and processed sugars that are just not what your body needs? That is why I love Beyond Healthy Chocolate. They have taken the guess work out of it. Each box of their chocolates clearly states how many antioxidants and flavonoids are in each piece. This is vital, because without this, how can you know what is good chocolate and what is not?

My two favorite chocolates are the Xobiotic Squares and Xo Love Bites. QwmtqRJtN84Y8dEzIYfY

The Xobiotic Squares have a total ORAC6 score of 40,446 per piece and flavonoids mg per piece of 576. The Xo Love Bites have a total ORAC6 score of 40,824 per piece and flavonoids of 396 mg. per piece. All certified by ICT with a 6 Radical Testing. What exactly does this mean to you? This means that this chocolate is the healthiest around. I can’t find anything that even comes close to these numbers. Best thing to do is try it out for yourself and see how you feel. Keep track of the benefits you notice. You will be amazed. I sure was over 7 years ago when I first tried the products trying to find anything that would help my fibromyalgia, my sons autism and my husbands severe and chronic pain from many failed back surgeries. I am happy to report that Beyond Healthy Chocolate is definitely the best thing we have ever done. And did I mention we are talking about chocolate, something nearly everyone in the world loves and craves!

As far as the Christmas holiday and New Years, here is a great life hack you will want to keep handy. Every time you have an event, party or before every meal, make sure you take a piece of Beyond Healthy Chocolate with a glass of water. This will curb your appetite. You will eat less and not even realize it. This is perfect when you are concerned about extra calories and weight gain. Ideally everyone should be eating at least 4 pieces of beyond Healthy Chocolate every day. I recommend that you eat a piece in the morning, lunch, dinner and before bed. This makes sure your body is always getting more antioxidants, ideal since they stay in your body 4-6 hours and need to be replenished.

Customers who order with a monthly subscription, are eligible for free product every 3rd month for the first year so I highly recommend that you take advantage of this great offer. You can cancel your subscription at any time, but to get the best price and free product, I recommend you take advantage of this great deal.

Call Lynette at Three Sons Marketing LLC to order at (941) 676-7300
or order direct at HealthyChocolateFix.com.

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