Punta Gorda Sun Safety

Many Florida families enjoy spending time together outside. Whether it is in the mountains or at the beach, fresh air and sunshine make family time a fun time. Punta Gorda parents should make sure that their children are adequately protected from UV rays when enjoying outside time. Young skin can burn easily and one severe sunburn in childhood increases the chance of developing melanoma later in life two-fold. Florida babies should not even be exposed to the sun. Cover them with clothing and keep them in the shade. When your Punta Gorda child is six months old, limited exposure to UV rays is okay, but use a healthy dose of sunscreen and common sense. The sunscreen sold at your Punta Gorda supermarket or drugstore should be applied thirty minutes before your kids go outside.

If you are enjoying time at the pool or beach make sure to regularly reapply often.  When my kids swim at the Naples pool they take many breaks in the shade to reapply sunscreen and hydrate. My name is Lynette Henk and I am a Punta Gorda-based XoVitality Anti-Aging Capsules representative and an advocate for Florida children’s health. There are many things to worry about as a parent., but I never have to worry about the healthy snacks I give my kids. If you are interested in Miami children’s health and healthy snacking contact me today!

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