healthyMy husband was reading his January/February 2014 Men’s Health magazine and he showed me an article titled “A Nutritionist’s Top Tips“. I was amazed by the article that talked about the often fatal aortic aneurysm. My husband had mentioned it to me because my 42 year old brother had passed away from a fatal aortic aneurysm. I had always felt that diet had a part to play in the aortic aneurysm but of course I had no proof.

The article says according to a new Swedish study, “Antioxidants in fruit may help Chocopiecesquell aortic inflammation.” Obviously eating your antioxidants is important.  This study shows the value of the antioxidants in fruit.  A 25% reduction in an otherwise fatal aortic aneurysm is nothing to sneeze at.  I get my antioxidants in chocolate and in bananas, strawberry’s, grapes, acai, blueberry and more. If you are not eating enough antioxidants, consider adding healthy chocolate to your diet. This XO healthy chocolate is made with the fruit of the raw cacao and sweetened with acai and blueberry. Since it is not processed like candy chocolate that is heated or dutched, this is a high antioxidant superfood. It also does not have the waxes, fillers and processed sugars you would expect in candy. Keep your family healthy, feed them lots of antioxidants.

I am Lynette Henk and I get my antioxidants in chocolate.  For more information on healthy chocolate, visit or call 941-216-5727.


Men’s Health January/February 2014 A Nutritionist’s Top Tips by Michael Roussell, PH.D.Fruit Hinders
Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms