I have been a fan of Carol Alt for quite a while. For those not familiar with Carol, she is a stunningly gorgeous supermodel and exudes a natural healthy glow. She has been known for years for her healthy living and raw food views. She is the host of “A Healthy You” on Fox News every Saturday at 4 pm eastern.

Recently in episode 20 of A Healthy You, section 4 of her show, she answered the question;

“Q: What should I eat to increase energy?

A. Everyone asks that question, but I always start the day with a big breakfast which includes some good fats, says Carol. You might also want to consider: Drinking Xe, a healthy energy drink and also increasing your blood PH—acidic bodies tend to have low energy, while alkaline ones have more. Lastly, don’t underestimate the importance of cold-pressed oils—they rejuvenate the body”

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Carol Alt’s new show on Fox News, “A Healthy You”.  Episode 20, section 4 http://carolalt.com/2014/02/a-healthy-you-episode-20-recap/