I am going to be honest.  I did great my first week on my diet.  I was so excited and I knew the XO Chocolate Diet Plan works as I had lost some weight on it last year.  Last week I lost 6.2 pounds and I was thrilled with my results.  Tomorrow morning is my weigh in for week 2 and I am a little concerned about my results.  Have you ever had just a really bad week?  I mean a week you just wish would be over?  Well that was my week this week.  A very dear friend died on Sunday, I spent the rest of the day Sunday in the Port Charlotte Emergency Room with a friend and Tuesday was the two year anniversary of my younger brothers death.  Lets just say I did not have the ideal dieting week.  

I still walked every day, I still did my best to diet.  There were just a few little lapses of judgement I guess you could say.  In my weakness, I grabbed a few of those comfort foods I should have avoided.  The great thing about this healthy Fearless28 diet is that no matter what errors I make in judgement, my Fearless28 diet can start back full swing tomorrow.  Years ago I was on the Atkins Diet Plan.  I followed the diet to the letter and one day I gave in and had a piece of cake.  At that point, I just started gaining the weight back like crazy.

The XO Chocolate Diet I am on is not like that.  If you make a mistake, you just start right back up on your diet with no problems.  You don’t start gaining your weight back like I did on the Atkins diet.  I wish that I had been “perfect” and followed my diet to the letter.  Honestly though we don’t like in a perfect world so we have to expect that things will happen to get us off our game at times.  Tomorrow I will be happy no matter what my weigh in results are.  You see, my t-shirt is getting looser daily and for this I am grateful.  🙂

I am Lynette Henk, XO Chocolate Diet Dieter.  I can be reached directly at 941-216-5727 or at lynette @ liveforchocolate.com.  Join me on the Chocolate Diet.  During the month of January you can order the Chocolate Diet for just $59.99 shipped! Order now at ColdPressedChocolate.com.