Remember that encouraging childhood book “The Little Engine That Could” that was first published in the United States in 1930? It is an endearing story that teaches children the value of optimism and hard work. Although I realize we are all grown ups here with real life issues in Miami and beyond, the values taught in this vintage childrens book are something we should always remember.  

A perfect example is my current 90 day Miami XO Chocolate Diet Weight Loss Challenge. I am on day 9 of my diet. For my first weekly weigh in I was able to lose 6.2 pounds which is pretty darn exciting for me. The motivation of the previous week weight loss is encouraging me to go forward, be positive and realize that I can reach my weight loss goal. But what if I had not lost 6.2 pounds? What If I had just lost 1 or 2 pounds? Would that have discouraged me from continuing with my weight loss Fearless28 diet challenge?  Realistically anything you do to get healthy, exercise a little more, eat a little better, all of these changes make a difference. Even if I had lost just 1 or 2 pounds that week, honestly that would still have been great. But I think you get the point here. There will be setbacks in life. Setbacks on a diet, setbacks on a project for work, setbacks on family issues. Things happen and we need to stay focused on the main goal and not worry about the little stuff.

Be the little engine that could. Don’t give up. Don’t give in. Fight the good fight and fight to win. You can reach your goals and I can reach mine. We just need to remember that childrens book and say to ourselves, I think I can, I think I can, I think I can. Don’t let others discourage you. We can do this!  (Train photo is from our recent trip to the Bubble Room in Captiva Island, Florida)

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