It’s Okay To Give Your Hubby Dark Chocolate To Keep HIs Heart Healthy~ Heart Healthy Chocolates For Your HusbandThere is more evidence now than ever that probiotics may play a role in helping you lose weight.  According to the Dr. Mercola article “How the bacteria in your gut is linked to the size of your waistline”  “Multiple studies have shown that obese people have different intestinal bacteria than slim people, and regardless of weight most people do not have the optimal balance of good and bad bacteria in their intestines. This imbalance can wreak havoc on your health in many ways, and yes, it may even contribute to overweight and/or difficulty in shedding excess weight.”

The Huffington Post was also quoted as saying “But studies show that probiotics can help with a great deal more — warding off infection and boosting immune systems, as well as helping to improve women’s health and perhaps even fighting obesity.”  The CNN Article “Can Supplements block benefits of probiotics?” had this to say “also Surprisingly, chocolate is also a good delivery system, so chocolate products created specifically to deliver probiotics (instead of just throwing them in for marketing purposes) are a tasty and effective option, as long as they aren’t loaded with too much sugar and fat.”

Well Beyond Corporation, the makers of Xobiotic cold pressed raw chocolate include a patented strain of Lactobacillus Casei )3 Billion Microorganisms per 3 squares)  This raw vegan cold pressed chocolate is sweetened with acai and blueberry.  Unlike traditional processed chocolate, high in fat, waxes and fillers, the Xobiotic offers 84,777 Total ORACfn score (antioxidant value) and flavonoids of 1,904 per 3 pieces.  In addition, each piece is only 57 calories.  Dark Chocolate with Probiotics helps to keep digestive system healthy and helps to maintain a healthy intestinal balance.  The Xobiotic is made with belgian chocolate and is yummy.  It is my favorite and I make sure to enjoy 3 pieces every day.

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