prod023What is high antioxidant dark chocolate? Is there a difference between high antioxidant dark chocolate and candy chocolate that you can find at the grocery store or the big box stores? Actually there is a difference. Most candy chocolate is made with waxes, fillers and processed sugars that have been heated or dutched and processed. High antioxidant dark chocolate is cold pressed in a patented process, not heated or dutched like the traditional candy. Cold pressed healthy chocolate, specifically XO healthy chocolate, is sweetened with acai and blueberry and is full of antioxidants from raw cacao. Unlike candy, this healthy chocolate is diabetic and diet friendly as well. Most of the products are even gluten free.

The Clemson University South Carolina article, When it comes to chocolate, choose dark shares the specific benefits of dark chocolate. Clemson was quoted as saying “Dark chocolate is rich in flavonols, which are healthy antioxidants that also are found in fruits, vegetables, green tea, red wine, etc. Flavonoids give dark chocolate a slightly bittersweet taste. They also provide cardiovascular benefits, such as helping to reduce the risk for developing heart disease, stroke, cancer and even premature aging.”

The Natural News article, Dark Chocolate is brimming with antioxidants and heart-healthy property, research finds shares why dark chocolate is so important.  The article states “High quality chocolate delivers disease-zapping antioxidants, lowers blood pressure and protects your heart and liver, all in one fell crunch.”

Make sure that the chocolate you eat is only the best.  Only eat high quality high photo 2antioxidant chocolate like the cold pressed XO Healthy Chocolate.  Current Give Thanks Thanksgiving special is a buy 2, get 1 free deal.  This is valid on 1/2 box and full box chocolates as well as the Xe Energy drink and other XO products.

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 Clemson University South Carolina, When It Comes To Chocolate, Choose Dark.
Natural News, Dark Chocolate is brimming with antioxidants and heart-healthy property, research finds