Those of you who are unfortunate and suffer from frequent acne breakouts need to start doing things that are necessary to have clear skin. You must take action and eliminate acne breakouts. Maybe you have tried numerous home remedies, and spent lots of money trying many different over the counter products that dont work. Try this information for free and you should see results.

In order to eliminate acne you should:

1. Watch your iodine consumption – It has been proven that when you have too much in your system it causes breakouts.

2. Dont rely on spot treatments – Many people have a few pimples and go out to get an acne product to apply directly to the pimples that are visible. Treat the entire face as if it is covered with acne and apply your product to your whole face.

3. Try not to touch your face – Everyone touches their face sometime throughout the course of the day. The problem is that there are germs, bacteria, dirt and other microorganisms that are picked up by your hands that can cause breakouts.

4. Wash your face twice per day – You should wash your face morning and night with something that is made specifically to get rid of acne. Normally such a product would contain ingredients like salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide or glycolic acid.

5. Be sure to drink alot of H2O – Staying hydrated is important for all of your bodys daily functions. The skin is your bodys largest organ and the skin cells need to be hydrated inside and out in order to function properly. Proper hydration goes a very long way in improving how your skin looks.



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