SkinHealix’s exclusive patented formulas combine both advanced science and ancient botanicals to produce a collection of skin care products that are among the most advanced available in the beauty industry. They are the result of years of research by Jeremy Reynolds, CEO Well-Beyond, PhD, a renowned chemist and molecular biologist and have been tested and proven effective in independent laboratory studies.

SkinHealix’s innovative products feature Dr. Zaveri’s own proprietary multi-peptides together with vitamins, minerals, and herbal and plant extracts that work in synergy to produce superior skin care and anti-aging treatments.  Jeremy Reynolds, CEO Well-Beyond Well Beyond Chocolate SkinHealix “Skin Care Beauty through Advanced Scientific Research.”  Dr. Zaveri has partnered with Well Beyond Chocolate Worldwide to bring her amazing anti-aging products to the world.  No longer available exclusively in Beverly Hills, California, women across the country can now benefit from her life changing products.

Even better, she is empowering men and women by offering an opportunity to partner with her in the Well Beyond Chocolate business opportunity.  Contact Lynette Henk at 941-216-5727, email [email protected] or visit