After the low-down in the past five years due to the economic recession, 2013 has successfully enjoyed a steady improvement in the skin care arena. The break from merely the survival mode is here, and skin care professionals have started to think of growth. PricewaterhouseCoopers had conducted the U.S. Spa Industry Study in 2013 published by the International SPA Association’s (ISPA) which had data of the total increase in the revenue collected from spa visits, and the total number of spa locations and employees. Here are some of the latest trends that is going to stay throughout the year 2014:


Skin care likely to turn cellular


The founder of Dr. Brandt Skincare, Dr. Frederic Brandt has claimed that the big thing in the coming year is going to be ingredients that can protect DNA in your skin and result in rejuvenating them like your younger days. He has come up with a brand new line of cosmetics named Do Not Age (DNA), that consists of DuoPearl technology in order to deliver the juvenessence+ complex. This is considered to stop the breakdown of skin at the cellular level itself.  Dr. Jeremy Reynolds, CEO Well-Beyond, molecular biologist and exclusive Beverly Hills, California stars anti-aging treatment is now available to the general public through her partnership with Xo Lifestyle.  Her 180 Serum face lift in a bottle and Silk C Serum wrinkle remover and skin lightener is lifechanging.


Move over black, texture is the new classic






Alsion Raffaele, an entrepreneur who has her own line of cosmetics says we can expect to see many unusual textures this year – from matte versions of liquid lip color to crackled nail polishes. The director of Aveda Global Makeup, Janell Geason ensures the coming back of shimmery, metallic, and bronze shades that were in vogue during the 70s. All shades of pink, be it soft romantic ones, or candy colored ones, on lips, eyes, or cheeks; pink will be on rage.

Mousse is making a huge comeback


Editor of Birchbox, Meredith Stebbins, was a pivotal part of shows for Spring/Summer 2014, and according to her, mousse is coming back big time. This style adds texture and volume to your hair and makes it easier to obtain styles like the half-down or half-pulled-back that went viral after seen at Cynthia Rowley.


Oils are here to stay


Beauty editor of Beauty Bets from Minneapolis, Elizabeth Dehn says oils will be everywhere in 2014. Consumers have been getting more comfortable with putting oil on faces. This will make cleansers and serums that are oil-based, become the new trend. Dehn considers it to be a good thing since pursuit of healthy skin should always be encouraged. She has come up with the ‘One Love Organics Vitamin C Active Moisture Serum’ that contains natural ingredients.


Say good-bye to extreme nail art


The Spain editor of Birchbox, Cristina Diaz, predicts an all-time low for nail art. Crazy colors and designs are no more the rage; instead, intense and darker hues with more sheers and nudes are coming into the scene.


Makeup that benefits


Formulas that cover ageing and the concealers that give you the perfect skin have made us expecting more from our makeup. This is going to be the new normal of 2014 when companies are going to hire more dermatologists and in some cases scientists and plastic surgeons, for developing ways that improve our skin while concealing.


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