Skin and Acne Problems

Your skin is actually the largest organ in your body.  Your skin is vital and performs many important functions. Doctors and nurses also monitor your skin when they first see patients in the office or clinic to look for signs of health or illness.


The Purpose of Well Beyond Acne Dots

Acne Dots claims to be able to do much more than simply reduce

Lynette Henk 941-216-5727

Lynette Henk 941-216-5727

your acne to a manageable level. That is the basic claim of many products aimed at teenagers and their skin. The Acne Dots are so simple!  You put them on the worst acne areas after cleansing your face before bed.  Take it off in the morning for greatly reduced acne.  For severe cases, 2-3 days may be required.  Acne Dots are not just for kids. They are meant to get rid of every kind of skin blemish, including white heads and black heads.  These acne dots work amazingly well.  You can even wear your make-up over these if you wish while your blemish disappears!

In fact, Dr. Jeremy Reynolds, CEO Well-Beyond, Well Beyond Chocolate Worldwide. the makers of Well Beyond Acne Dots claim that this product will even make acne disappear. This is welcome news for many people young and old who have suffered terribly with acne.

The Product


Acne Dots is not a lotion that you have to rub on.  Acne dots are wafer thin dots that you place right on the problem acne areas making it super fast and easy.


Since there have been so many positive reviews on the Well Beyond Acne Dot system, it seems like a wonderful option for clear skin. If you need to know how to get clear skin and how to get rid of acne fast, you won’t find anything faster than Well Beyond Acne Dots.


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