“Jeremy Reynolds, CEO of  Well-Beyond purchased the assets of Xocai healthy chocolate. The Beyond Healthy Chocolate Lifestyle Worldwide brand president is CFO Porter Hall.

Exciting opportunities exist thanks to the powerhouse executive team. Now you can enjoy the Beyond Healthy Chocolate business with limited start-up costs unlike a brick and mortar store or a franchise opportunity.  It is expected that the Healthy Chocolate Company Lifestyle Worldwide brand will be a household name.

Details about the business, the merger, the products are available at LiveForChocolate.com or by contacting Beyond Healthy Chocolate Lifestyle Worldwide Gold Executive Lynette Henk at 941-676-7300.  We are always looking for new customers to try our Beyond Healthy Chocolates.  If you have not yet ordered the healthiest chocolate in the world, today is the day to order!


Special offer and Belgian Chocolates available now.

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