I don’t care if you are a Florida snowbird, year round resident or a young family raising children, all Floridians appreciate a bargain and it pays to get your products at the absolute best price.  My family has been eating Beyond healthy chocolate products including the yummy Beyond chocolate nuggets that are perfect for chocoholics for over four years so we appreciate buying wholesale.  Beyond Healthy Chocolate Company has extended wholesale pricing to all Preferred Customers.  Even better preferred customers receive free shipping!

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Beyond chocolate products are made with a patented cold pressed method that keeps in the antioxidant value of the raw cacao.  There is no question that dark chocolate and antioxidants are good for you.  The studies alone are too numerous to count.  Dr. Gordon Pedersen, acclaimed anti-aging expert and formulator of over 150 products and a cure for malaria, shares about the benefits in this chocolate in the youtube video above.

Once you realize Beyond chocolate is the way to go, you want the cropped-Chocopieces.jpgbest price possible.  Yes, you can order your chocolate directly through Amazon or Ebay but you are losing out on the best price and free product options.  Amazon and Ebay are popular ways to purchase products however they charge sellers a fee to list.  This fee has to get paid somehow and that results in an increased product cost.

The best way to buy Beyond Healthy Chocolate Company products is to order direct.  Yes, you could start a home business with a wholesale account but you can also order direct as a preferred customer and get the same great pricing! In addition, if they order one or more products per month, they also qualify for a FREE PRODUCT after every third month for the first year!  This is a great way to try out the yummy and healthy gluten free and diabetic friendly chocolates.  I highly recommend the Xobiotic chocolate with probiotic and the Xo Love Chocolate love bites that increase passion.

0021Contact me, Lynette Henk, to order at 941-216-5727, email me at [email protected] or Visit MyChocolateVitamins.com.  Hurry and get your healthy chocolate fix at the best price out there!