Have you thought about your New Years resolutions for 2018?  Will you make New Years resolutions or will you skip them alltogether?  Most of us will actually make New Years resolutions but not all of us will stick with them.  Make 2015 the year you finally put yourself first and take care of YOUR health for a change.  We lead busy lives and it is often difficult to find the time to eat right and exercise.

What if I told you there was a way that you could improve your Chocopieceshealth by making SIMPLE changes?  Something as simple as eating a piece of chocolate three times a day.  Could it really be that easy?

I am here to tell you that there really are simple things you can do to help improve your health.  Remember when Mom said to eat your fruits and vegetables?  Mom was right.  Fruits and vegetables contain antioxidants and many contain flavonoids.  Antioxidants help reduce inflammation.  According to the Natural News article Inflammation is the cause of nearly all disease-Here’s how to prevent it, it states “Persistent, systemic inflammation is at the root of practically all known chronic health conditions, including everything from rheumatoid arthritis and high cholesterol to dementia and cancer.”

0021Eating high antioxidant and flavonoid foods like Beyond healthy chocolate, the patented cold pressed chocolate, are a great way to reduce inflammation.  It is even gluten free and diabetic friendly and low in calories.  If you don’t have the time or the desire to sit and eat 8-10 servings of organic fruits and vegetables each and every day for the rest of your life, you may find that incorporating something as easy as a piece of chocolate three times a day could meet your needs.

Here is the challenge. Write down your current health issues, aches pains etc. Make a commitment to eat Beyond healthy chocolate for a month.  Enjoy a piece of Beyond healthy chocolate three times every day, morning mid day and evening with a glass of water.  Keep track of how you feel.  Are you sleeping better?  Do you have more energy?  Not craving snacks?  Losing weight?  These are the questions you will want to ask yourself.  You may be pleasantly surprised like I was when my mood improved and I started sleeping better within the first week.

Eventually you will be able to have blood work done and you can compare how your cholesterol, triglycerides etc and confirm they are improving.  Your blood pressure can be monitored easily to see if there is an improvement.  For those with diabetes, see how your blood sugar levels are, are they improving?  Eating antioxidants makes a difference in your health.  Find a way to get more antioxidants and stick with it.  You will be happy you did.

I get my antioxidants in chocolate.  How do you get yours?  I am Lynette Henk, Well Beyond Chocolate Worldwide Gold Executive.  I share Beyond healthy chocolate products as well as Well Beyond and Beyond Beauty Cream anti-aging products.  I also coach others as they build a successful Well Beyond Chocolate business. Take care of yourself–eat chocolate!  Contact Lynette Henk at 941-216-5727, email me at [email protected] or visit

Inflammation is the cause of nearly all disease-Here’s how to prevent it;