The Cocoa Flavanol research is a game changer for the Healthy Chocolate market.  Now that people are realizing the health benefits found in unheated healthy chocolate high in antioxidants and cocoa flavanols, the demand for the Healthiest Chocolate In The World is growing by leaps and bounds.

The only question is if you should buy as a customer or get involved in the business and share this chocolate in the world, taking advantage of the huge potential.  Whatever you decide, make sure your family has changed their chocolate.  The key with Beyond Healthy Chocolate is that it uses a patented process that does not heat.  It also has no waxes, fillers, processed sugars and is diabetic friendly, gluten free and vegetarian.  The chocolates are gmo free and ethically sourced.

They even offer a loyalty program for customers and business owners who order monthly.  Every third month for the first year, you qualify for free product equal to your monthly order.  Order for as little as $34.50 although most people choose to eat a minimum of three pieces a day spaced out morning, mid day and evening to keep in antioxidants in your body throughout the day.  It is thought that antioxidants stay in your body for 4-6 hours so it is important to keep feeding your body these healthy antioxidants and cocoa flavanols.

In order to stay active as well as live our retirement delighting in life, it is crucial that we focus on our health. The industry is keeping in mind. Also in your local Brownsboro Village, Kentucky grocery store, you may locate even bigger sections of whole and healthy foods because of the demand.  People are realizing what you eat matters.

chocolateinfo Current research studies and articles which validate the cardio benefits of flavanols in delicious chocolate are appealing. There is no question at all that dark healthy chocolate is a growing marketplace.

It’s not surprising that Beyond Healthy Chocolate Co. is heading right into hyper-growth. I have actually been honored to be in this company at  the right time and also the right location. There is still time to get involved in this Flavanol Antioxidant Rich Patented “Healthy Chocolate “market. Even John McDermott, Three Decade veteran monetary analyst on Wall Street, has said this company would be a strong buy if it was a publicly held company.  Because it is independently owned and operated, his referral is to get involved in this business now. If you have not tried the chocolates yet, order yourself some product and check it out.  This product has been so amazing for our family that once we noticed the benefits we decided to share it with others. Trying the product for yourself is key.  If you have actually never ever attempted Beyond Chocolates, I highly suggest that you purchase as a fpreferred customer.  Consumers who order as a preferred customer get free shipping and the lowest wholesale price available! This gives you FREE DELIVERY and also the most effective cost. Furthermore, you additionally receive the Chocolate Of The Month Club, which provides you complimentary item every 3rd month for the very first year when you acquire monthly. You are eligible for totally free product of your choice as much as the quantity you decide to order month-to-month!  Now that is a bargain price!

This ten-year old business is debt complimentary and well poised to deal with the anticipated hyper-growth.  Mitch Huhem, billionaire coach was involved with the business branding and also product packaging of the present box chocolates that have been extremely popular.  This organization is positioned for severe success.  

Integrated with the  Technavio records that clearly show a significant growth market for chocolate, there is no place to go yet up. Do not miss your chance. Right now you have the possibility to join something that will change lives by improving health and wellness as well as riches. This additionally is an ideal timing for Child Boomers aiming to retire however wanting extra revenue to delight in retirement in the way they have actually imagined. A lot of get started with the wide range pack choice or order the Beyond variety pack as  a consumer.  Get in touch with Three Sons Marketing LLC for information at 941-216-5727 or see our web site at to obtain Free Delivery on each and every order.

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