Cocoa Flavanols In Healthy Chocolate Are Taking The World By Storm In Chestnut Dale, North Carolina!

We have actually been enjoying the preference and health benefits of Beyond Healthy Chocolates for almost 7 years now. In that time our preferred Beyond Healthy Chocolates have actually been the The Xobiotic Squares with Probiotic and also the Beyond Dark Chocolate Power Squares. I enjoy the Beyond Power Squares because they are simply 33 calories each, have an outstanding amount of anti-oxidants as well as cacao flavanols in each independently covered piece and they taste remarkable, simply like Dark Chocolate from Belgium need to be.  I constantly take pleasure in the probiotic chocolates due to the fact that they are so helpful for you as well as they are best for individuals with belly issues.  The Xo Love bites are also a very popular chocolate as they are good for couples to enjoy.  You must read about these!  I have a fantastic preference for the love bites and I appreciate the benefits of Maca and also L-Arginine in the Love Bites.

 I actually was not a follower of the Omega Squares. Ok, I really did put it out there. Why was I not a fan of these Omega Chocolates? Well, I liked the others much better. TI know.  Silly me.  They had an orange taste  &  have a texture with flaxseeds I did not recognize just how valuable they are.  So exactly what changed? Well this is the scoop.  Typically when driving, my hubby and also I such as to consume the Beyond Xe Healthy Energy drinks. They taste great and keep us focused and very alert without the unhealthy options found in regular energy drinks. Eventually when my spouse said it was my turn to take over as well as drive for awhile, I was super weary. I indicated to him I was quite tired like I do not think I can drive!  I mean worn out. We stopped at a rest area state location and I am assuming we are just going to need to rest for a couple of hrs. I do not see any kind of possible method to awaken enough to take the wheel. And, however we were out of the Beyond Xe Energy drinks we normally take to stay awake!?! So I searched our chill cooler in the backseat, trying to find any Beyond Healthy Delicious chocolates.

Then I encountered the Omega Squares.  

I understand they are great for you. Omega 3’s are excellent for you. Great for cognition. Good for Brain Wellness. Helpful for Eye Health. There are numerous studies on the cognitive benefits. I figure exactly what could it hurt, I have an Omega Chocolate Square and prepare to tell my hubby I just am not up to driving and also we are going to require a 2-3 hr hold-up so we can sleep in our SUV.(NOT SUITABLE!) Just when I have to get ready to tell him, I realize I have crazy energy and also am getting up.  I mean really feeling like I just woke up and am alert. Within 5 minutes, I am wide awake.  I INDICATE WIDE WIDE AWAKE!

I was shocked as well as I might not believe it. All I did was have the Beyond Omega Healthy and balanced Delicious chocolate. Okay, so this is pretty darn cool.

Now whenever I obtain tired in the afternoon, whenever I feel I have to go take a nap, whenever I need to own, I just instantly have a Beyond Omega Belgian Chocolate Square. And, it continues to assist. It aids so a lot now my spouse does the very same. We purchase a great deal much more Omega Squares.   Just believed I would share my idea! So if you need a lift, if you should boost cognition and also memory, if you intend to boost eye health and wellness, then Omega Squares are a good source.   200 mg of Omega. You can order your Beyond Omega Squares RIGHT HERE. When you do, you get free delivery and wholesale rates simply like Beyond Chocolate members.

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