Vernon Wisconsin knows the scoop.  They know all about the Healthiest Chocolate In The World!

We have been appreciating the taste of the cocoa bean as well as the wellness benefits of Beyond Healthy Chocolates for nearly seven years currently. Because our favored Beyond Healthy Chocolates have been so popular, we normally share the  Xo Love Bites, The Xobiotic Squares with Probiotic and also the Beyond Power Squares. I love to enjoy the Beyond Power Squares due to the fact that they are just 33 calories each, have a remarkable quantity of anti-oxidants as well as chocolate flavanols in each independently wrapped piece, as well as they taste remarkable, just like Dark Chocolate from Belgium ought to be.  I constantly delight in the probiotic delicious chocolates due to the fact that they are so great for you and also they are excellent for people with stomach problems.  The Xo Love bites have an excellent preference and I value the advantages of Maca as well as L-Arginine in the Love Bites.

 I actually was not a fan or follower of the Beyond Omega Squares, I will be honest. Why was I not a fan? Well, I just did not crave the taste like I did the other Beyond Chocolate options. They had an orange flavor and they have a texture with flaxseeds.  I did not realize exactly how advantageous they wpi;d actually be.  So what transformed the orange omega chocolates?

Well this is the story.  Generally when driving, my hubby and I want to consume the Beyond Xe Healthy Energy drinks as they are an excellent way to stay focused and alert while driving.  They are a healthy alternative so nornally that is what we do.  But somehow we ran out!!!!!   One day while we were traveling and going on vacation, my hubby felt he could no longer drive.  He said it was my turn, and I was super worn out. I mean tired like I don’t believe I could open my eyelids at all exhausted. We stopped at a rest area on I-75.  I am believing we are just going to need to sleep for a couple of hours because what else can we do?. I don’t see any kind of possible means to awaken enough to take the wheel and drive our SUV. And, sadly we were out of the Beyond Xe!?!

So I am scouring and exploring our ice pack filled cooler in the rear seat, trying to find any type of Beyond Healthy Chocolates.  And also after that I encountered the Beyond Omega Squares.  

I recognize they are excellent for you. Omega 3’s benefit you. Great for cognition. Helpful for Brain Wellness. Great for Eye Health and wellness. There are lots of research studies on the cognitive advantages. I figure what could it hurt, I have an Omega Chocolate Square .  Just when I have decided to tell my husband we have to stop for hours, there is no choice, I realize I have crazy energy power and also am awakening. Within 5 minutes, I am like wide awake.  I MEAN REALLY AWAKE!

I was surprised and also I could not believe it. All I did was have the Beyond Omega Healthy Delicious chocolate.Okay, so this is quite cool.

Currently each time I get tired in the mid-day, every single time I feel I should go take a snooze, each time I should drive, I just automatically have a Beyond Omega Belgian Delicious chocolate Square. And, it continues to assist. It assists us both so much now my hubby does the very same. We buy a great deal more Omega Squares because we want to be stocked up for any spur of the moment travel or trip.   Just believed I would share my idea!  I know we are not the only ones who ocassionally get tired while driving.  

If you require a lift, if you need to boost cognition as well as memory, if you want to enhance eye wellness, after that Omega Squares are an excellent resource.   200 mg of Omega.

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 Do not hesitate to call us for details at 941-216-5727 or visit MYCHOCOLATEVITAMINS.COM!.?.!! You already like chocolate, most of us do. All you should do is CHANGE YOUR CHOCOLATE!