How could you not be a fan of LuLaRoe?

I mean they had butter soft leggings, the absolute softest, and they had sizing to fit even plus size gals like me. They had cute styles and fun patterns. I would often see LuLaRoe distributors at events where I had a Beyond Healthy Chocolate booth either in Punta Gorda or Port Charlotte, Florida. I saw that they had to bring truckloads of merchandise. I felt kind of guilty as I put up my light and easy display of Well-Beyond healthy chocolate, nutrition products and Xe Energy drinks. I put my display up quickly and am ready for sales. For hours I watch as the LuLaRoe Representatives had rounders of merchandise that they had to move from a storage truck to their tent and place on rounders or racks for the clothing.

Not only was it exhausting to watch, I can’t even begin to imagine how difficult it would be to load and unload merchandise like that. I do know that many women sold much of their merchandise on facebook groups but I still saw them at our local Punta Gorda farmers market, church events and at local arts and craft shows. Even then I was shocked how much work was involved for them. I mean they had to share each piece, invoice each person, collect payment, prepare the items for shipment and finally ship it out. If the package is lost in shipment, it is the LuLaRoe distributor who is responsible for following up, as they are the customer service center for their orders.


Of course LuLaRoe did offer a great 100% return option if you wanted to get out of the business. So even though most people had to finance their $6,000 initial cost to purchase their LuLaRoe inventory, at least if it did not work out for them, they could return the remaining product. Well apparently that has all recently changed. In fact, what I heard from individual LuLaRoe reps. is very discouraging. Some were told to keep buying new inventory and financing it, then put all the money back into more inventory. They worked their fingers to the bone, many never made a profit and are stuck with fabric choices no customers are willing to buy since LuLaRoe Reps. are not able to pick the product they receive. It is provided for them, and hopefully they receive something they can sell. My heart goes out to LuLaRoe reps, especially the ones who have incurred great debt trying to improve the quality of life for their families with a home based business. Lots of GOOB going out of business sales with LuLaRoe.

I compare that to my Well-Beyond Healthy Chocolate business and I see the clear benefit of not needing to purchase inventory. When I sell a product, it is shipped directly from corporate. I place the order, Well-Beyond handles the credit card payment, the shipping of the order and the customer service if there is any problem. My job is a member. I get paid to share and promote the product and help motivate, coach and assist my team to do the same. I also don’t have to lay out $6,000 in inventory. Instead, all I need to do to become a Beyond Healthy Chocolate member is to share the product with two other individuals who want to become members also,sign them up as customers with a qualifying order or starter pack. Once I have two people under me, I can upgrade from a customer to a member and purchase my $49 member kit that will set me up to promote Well-Beyond.

In comparison, I really do have it easy. Add that we have a very popular product that people love, chocolate, and that we have the healthiest chocolate on the market. One piece of our chocolate is equal to over 1 pound of raw spinach in health benefits of antioxidants and flavonoids. And this one piece of chocolate is amazing tasting Belgian chocolate that is just 35 calories a piece and 1 gram of sugar. I mean this chocolate is diabetic friendly, gluten-free, vegetarian and low in calories. And still tastes absolutely delish!

I am super excited for the Well-Beyond Healthy Chocolate launch in Las Vegas January 18th-20th. We have the best of both worlds. Amazing products that are already very popular and a launch of a new company where you have the potential to get started on the ground floor. Beyond Assorted Chocolates will be advertised on national tv starting in January. This is huge. The opportunity is now.

Today I learned about a new Go button and option to earn additional commissions in addition to the regular commissions you earn. In just 14 days, you can earn up to $700 in additional bonuses. The first thing I show my customers is how you can qualify for free product. Share the product with three other people and you can qualify for free product for yourself. My family has been eating these chocolates, chocolate protein shake and Xe energy drinks for many years. They work. Message me for details and I would love to share just how great these products have been for my family.

Knowing that you can make a difference, being able to earn money from home with a home based business and not having to be responsible for a large inventory, these are just a few of the reasons that you should consider a Well-Beyond home based business. Knowing that the products you share are life changing, that people see a benefit when they eat more antioxidants and flavonoids, and that you are giving them a way to eat good nutrition that really matters. We all know we are not going to eat a pound of raw spinach four times a day for the rest of our lives but chocolate on the other hand, people will eat 3-4 pieces of chocolate a day.

I love it when people change their chocolate. I hope you check it out today. So sorry to all of the LuLaRoe distributors that are struggling with the issues going on right now. I would be happy to share about Well-Beyond. I am Lynette Henk of Three Sons Marketing LLC. Just give me a call at (941) 676-7300 or visit my site at>