Port Charlotte Weight-Loss Chocolate Back in the day, most Punta Gorda diets were all about limiting calories. You’ve heard the equation: burn more than you consume. The SW Florida medical community now has much more knowledge about the roles of protein, antioxidants, and carbohydrates in weight-loss.

Well Beyond has developed an effective weight-loss protocol around the XO X Protein Meal Replacement Shake.

If you love chocolate shakes, this may be the SW Florida weight-loss plan that will work for you. In the initial XO pilot study of the chocolate shake diet, participants replaced two meals a day with the XO Chocolate Shake.

For their ‘real meal’ the participants were instructed to eat a normal, well-balanced meal. The two meal replacement shakes contain all the protein, vitamins and antioxidants you need for the entire day. And, don’t forget, it contains XO dark chocolate. The Fearless28 dieters reported that they had energy, never felt hungry, and, best of all–they lost weight! The first XO Weight Loss Trial was an overwhelming success.

Here are some comments from the Fearless28 diet participants (as reported in the Winter 2011 issue of Prosper Magazine):

“I never felt deprived or grumpy. I felt energy, strength, motivation. I feel healthy!”

“The past 12 weeks have been an emotional journey for me, but I have made a lifestyle change for myself! I know that I will be fit for life with the help of the X Protein Wellness System.”

“The shake allowed me to stay within the guidelines of a healthy eating plan. In 11 weeks, I have lost 47 pounds.”

Some of the dieters lost 30 pounds or more. Have you ever thought of chocolate as a Punta Gorda diet food? The XO antioxidant chocolate shake is not a dessert. It has been carefully formulated to nourish your body and help you lose weight. When you have reached your goal weight, you can use the XO Meal Replacement Shake to maintain your new svelte self.

It is working wonders for me.  I have lost 50 pounds so far and am hoping to lose another 70 .  Call me at 941-216-5727 to get started.